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Friday, April 15, 2016

Traveling brings out emotions that a lot of other things in life don’t. You can go from an overly excited kid in a candy store, to anxious because you don’t know what to pack, suffering from the panic of feeling like you forgot something, and then the whirlwind that your entire trip is all over in an instant.

Luckily, the internet is making traveling easier. Not only can you plan your entire trip itinerary by the click of a few buttons, but with the miracle of apps like Pinterest, we have access to premade packing lists, and travel itineraries based on city at the tip of our fingertips.

Along with Pinterest packing tips and advice on the cutest places to see and eat at, places like Air BnB and HomeAway have blown up because they give you a true sense of how it is to live in that city, and experience life as someone more than just a tourist. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a tourist, especially in my own city, but there is something comforting about staying in a house or apartment that makes traveling that much easier and calming.

Weekend getaways are my weakness. If I anyone says they want to go somewhere, I am the first to say yes! I think they are the perfect amount of escape and since they are only for the weekend, they are extremely budget friendly, especially if you get a whole group together.

Here are a few of my must have items I will definitely be packing on my weekend getaways and my upcoming Euro trip!


What are you must have packing essentials?
Memorial Day is just around the corner, be sure to plan your weekend get away now at HomeAway!
 If you’re looking for sunshine you have to check out Pensacola Beach – the area is popular this time of year for a reason!

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