Multiply and Blowout

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A boy told me to listen to Ed Sheeran today and literally all I've been listening to all day is Ed Sheeran and I forgot how good he is. Hence the name of this blog post. Also, happy National Kiss A Ginger Day. Relatable. Good job, boy. Just kidding he had no idea it was National Kiss A Ginger Day, but told me yesterday was National Step In A Puddle Day...

So that is what I did at work today. Well, only part. I actually worked too. And broke a nail. And almost fell on my face. Lots of fun things.

We're going to talk about boys today. And by we I mean me, and by talk about I mean I'm going to vent and then we will get back to life and more important things that matter. So I guess my first question would be how do you feel about work relationships? I have seen them work and I have seen them fail. Both either extraordinary or awful. But never in between. Please share your stories, because I am actually very interested.
Disclosure - no I am not dating someone from my work. But I am crushing on one form what was a far and now not so far. He sang to me today and I kind of lost it but I am put back together now. Then he told me his favorite days were when he had meetings because he got to see me and walk past my desk. Done. And then I said oh yeah when I'm lucky and get to see you, and he counteracted saying he was the lucky one. Done. Again.

So they talk the talk, but can they walk the walk, while keeping up with me? My thing with guys, just from what I have learned from my past relationships is this:
  • It shouldn't be work. Yes relationships take effort, but it shouldn't have to feel like work or like you are forcing it. Because once it is forced it is essentially over.
  • It should be organic. This stems back to the work thing, but more importantly that is mutual on both sides, and just feels right. This one is difficult because I have been one in the past to not go with the flow, but really, that is the main way to develop a good relationship. Or that's what I think, at least.
  • It needs to be mutual. Feelings, effort, everything.
  • Communication is everything. Self explanatory.
This all being said, and the reason this is a topic on the blog today, is that someone asked me if I was dating anyone. And I would be lying if I said no, but I would also be lying if I said yes. Does that make sense? I should add a bullet point that "it shouldn't be complicated" but it most likely will be and we don't live in a perfect world. I hate saying I have a few guys in my back pocket, but that's kind of what it is. I don't like it. I like them each for their own special reasons. But I also love being single. Struggle city in the love department here. But it's okay. We're moving forward.

Work today was a catch up day. I caught up on things I needed to do, things I needed to organize, etc. Necessary, tedious, useful, long. But no complaints, as I ended my day with a complimentary DryBar blowout.

Erasable Pens

Monday, January 11, 2016

Hello, it's me.

I was going to do the whole "blog every day like a journal!" thing but clearly... that didn't work. But I'm not mad, and hopefully you aren't either. I want to be realistic with my postings, and posting over the weekend just was not happening. Plus I didn't really do anything too crazy exciting so it's okay. Today was a whirlwind at work, but first let's back track.

This past weekend was quiet. And it was exactly what I needed. I was able to plan, spend time with family and friends, straighten up, and even plan a weekend getaway! Of course, in my book, the most exciting thing about all of that is my weekend getaway with Rachel, but it isn't for two weekends so I need to contain my excitement.

Today at work, I learned all about patience, understanding, mistakes, and new beginnings.

Woah, where do I work? I bet if you thought about your day at work, you would come across some of those same key words.

Patience: I definitely don't have patience. But, I am learning. I had to be patient with my own work, with my coworkers, and even with a boy I started talking to.

Understanding: I had to take multiple steps back at work today and for all different reasons, which leads me to my third lesson...

Mistakes: We're human. They happen. I made a few today, but it's okay because our lives are very often written in pen or even sharpie. Granted, they aren't always written in pencil, either, but for the most part they are written in those weird erasable pens which don't really work but you can get away with it. It might leave a smudge or two, but that's okay because at least you learned from it.

New beginnings: People enter and leave your life. That's just how it works. If your life was one big coffee shop, it would get pretty boring if the same people stayed there all day every day, not to mention they would get sick of the coffee. It's natural for people to grow apart and others to grow closer, and it's even more natural for you to miss an opportunity that could be right in front of your face.

Happy Monday! Also, shoutout to my first two finished coloring pages from my adult coloring book!

Devil Needs a Schedule

Thursday, January 7, 2016

As I sit down to write this post, just as I have the past week, I asked myself "what did today teach me?" But I didn't feel like just typing out my day, so we are going to have a play by play with GIFs from The Devil Wears Prada. Because, why not?

Well, today taught me a lot, and we will go into all of that, but the main thing it taught me is that I am a routine person. I plan things, I wake up, I go to work, I come home, I have a schedule and I enjoy sticking to it.

Today I set my alarm an hour early, to get to work two hours early, since I was leaving 5 hours early. Do you see how today made me realize that I like sticking to a set routine? My breakfast was eaten an hour earlier, my lunch was eaten an hour earlier, and even my dinner (which was frozen yogurt) was eaten earlier. So now, it is 9:30 and I'm hungry but it is too late to eat. It's fine I'm fine. Learn from your mistakes. Right? But in this case I want to grow from them.

Since working a 10-6 job, I haven't made the time to go to the gym. Do I go early in the morning or wait until the after work crowd dies down? That will be my experiment for next week. This week I kept it simple and just worked out at home.

So I was already thrown off this morning, and I also wore boots for the first time all week (sorry Nikes) so it was kind of a weird feeling in general. Getting to work 2 hours early helped a little, but definitely not a lot seeing as I still missed like 3 hours of solid work time, but it's okay, tomorrow is a new day. no stressing.

I had a meeting this morning and some tedious tasks that were just those things that need to be done but no one likes doing the, so once those were finished, my mom told me I needed to leave ASAP and so off I was, while everyone looked at me like "where do you think you're going?"

After leaving work at 1ish, I came home in no traffic, a crazy concept for LA, and took my mom to the dentist. Time just seemed to move at a glacial pace at this point.

I brought my book and read a few pages but kept being distracted my all of the patients coming in and out, the people gushing over Botox, setting up their kids to date in the future, and other receptionist gossip.

So, alas, I ended up watching some Periscope videos, listening to a few podcasts, and just like that my mom was out. This wasn't just a routine teeth cleaning, it was like surgery, but you probably don't need to know that. 

Regardless, we left the dentist to go get frozen yogurt, because what else are you supposed to eat after oral surgery. We walk in and the line to pay is weirdly long. Meaning, all of the people in the store were waiting to pay. Turns out, by the time we got to the register line, they figured out that the register was broken and everyone's fro-yos were free. Which I like weirdly felt bad about, but then again at the same time, free frozen yogurt. 

The rest of my day seems to be a blur. I'm at the point where it's just kind of like "what is free time" and "what do I do with it if it isn't the weekend?" My mom and I watched a movie, that was actually kind of depressing, and by kind of I mean if I saw it in the theatre I would have been one of two extremes: walked out or been super into it. But I wasn't so I just sat there, watched the movie, and enjoyed my frozen yogurt. 

And now? Well, post at home work out, right now I am planning on taking a nice hot shower, and getting a long, solid, night of sleep. And tomorrow, we return to the set schedule. And I cannot wait. 

Are you a routine person? A planner? How do you deal with not knowing what to do with your free time?

Dream Job Turned Reality?

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy Wednesday! Or Wednesday night, actually. I should probably start planning when these will go up, but there is something extremely calming about writing a blog post right before I go to bed. It allows me to get out all of my thoughts, and really process the day. Then again this post is going about about an hour later than normal because I got kind of carried away coloring in my adult coloring book. Which is still not rated r.

Today was one of the best days I have had in a long time. And I'm sure that I could say that about the past two or three days, but all day today I was genuinely happy. I was also told I was being too loud and too sassy at work today, but that's why I work where I work. Because I can be myself. Speaking of work, I think that that was one of the major reasons I was so incredibly happy. I arrived a few minutes late, not that anyone said anything, because I had to go to Ralph's this morning to get ingredients for a wine milkshake. Yes, you heard me correctly. Wine. Milkshake. We also went out and got burgers in Chinatown for lunch at the "In-n-out twin" (which it is very twin-like, but more expensive... Definitely the Annie rather than the Hallie in the Parent Trap combo, butler and all.)

Today at work I finally felt accepted. My goal kind of for the year I guess, and I am definitely saying goal in the loosest of terms, is to fully accept myself. Now that encompasses all of me so my appearance, my health, my mentality, my emotions, everything. But to finally feel accepted at work is a whole other accomplishment I could have never been more happy to receive. Especially since I was not looking for it.

For those who don't really know much about me, hi, I'm Kathryn. I graduated from USF in May 2015 with a bachelor's degree in Politics and Public Relations. I was undeclared the first two years, thought I found my calling in Politics, and then realized how fun PR could be, and how it would allow me to interact with more people my speed. Politics is great and all, but it has become such a negative atmosphere and so competitive rather than just trying to do the best for the world that I decided it just wasn't doing it for me. Career wise at least. I have no regrets graduating from college with my degree. I learned so much about politics, and was able to learn different views and stances on huge political topics. That was probably my favorite part. Learning about how other people saw the world. Taking that, I then took my very little PR knowledge and tried to make sense of the two of them together. I decided I should go into campaigns. Yet, the more and more I looked into it, and felt a connection to political campaigns, the more and more I realized it wasn't really what I wanted to do. Or at least not right now. Thankfully I had several PR internships in college which allowed me to have an internship at my current job, which then turned into full time position (woot woot!).

And here I am today. Doing something I would have never in a million years considered, loving every second of it, learning things every day, and questioning why I had never thought about doing what I do, because for right now, it is pretty much my dream job. I was over the moon with excitement when they offered me full time, and today, after back to back meetings, and taking photos, and writing articles and blog posts, it all just makes sense.

Growing up, I wanted to be something different every year, but one thing stayed the same: I never wanted to wake up in the morning angry to go to work because I hated my job. No work is perfect, nothing is a "dream" job. Everything has flaws, just like everyone does. Maybe it doesn't pay as much as you need for that perfect apartment, or theres some people you just do not get along with, or you aren't challenged enough. I'm starting to learn though, that when you learn how to improve upon and work past the flaws to thoroughly enjoy the work you put out that you have achieved your dream job, or if you are still not satisfied, it probably isn't the best job for you and you should change that. ASAP. Yet, I feel that I have currently created true happiness with my job. I started my job not only for what the job was, but mainly for the experience. And the experience I have already gained hasn't only been new things to add to my resume, but are also things to add to my day to day life.

Work hard. Set yourself up for nothing but success. See yourself living your dream. I promise you, the things you really truly desire in life are probably things you don't even know exist.

Life is Funny Sometimes

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Does anything ever happen in your life where you just kind of have to take a moment to laugh? It wasn't a knock knock joke, or any kind of joke, really, but you just can't help but laugh. I had a lot of those moments today.
I woke up 15 minutes before my alarm, which is personally one of my favorite ways to wake up. I had my outfit pre planned, and knew that I was going to grab breakfast and coffee at Starbucks. El NiƱo decided to make its grand entrance last night, so I also knew I wasn't going to do my hair, as it would just get ruined in the rain anyways. I had a plan. I was going to get to work early to possibly leave early, I packed a healthy lunch, I brought my planner, and my iPad was fully charged. I was so ready for the day. I even printed out agendas for the meeting I had at 10am for work. 

I did all of this just to realize it was pouring rain and traffic going downtown would be horrible, I dropped my Starbucks breakfast sandwich in my lap while driving, I had cat fur all over my leggings, and when I got out of my car after parking at work, I stepped into a puddle. And this was just the morning. I later realized that I had left my lunch in my car and decided to go get it because it had stopped raining, yet the second I stepped outside it started down pouring. But you know what? I did this all with a huge smile on my face. Because even writing this, I can't help but laugh! Life is funny that way... And I don't know if it was because I "woke up on the right side of the bed" this morning or if the audiobook I am currently listening to is taking a toll and putting my New Year's resolution of being more positive into play, but I love it. 

I can 110% say that I am happier now, and this past week, than I have been in months, and maybe even years. I finally feel happy with myself in most facets, and so why get upset that I stepped in a puddle? It washed my Nikes. Or why worry about dropping my breakfast sandwich? It was just the bread part anyways, who needs the extra carbs. And leaving my lunch in my car? I got more FitBit steps! 

I am slowly starting to realize that life is what you make it, and as cliche as that sounds, I truly believe it. If I wake up in the morning and say I am going to have an awful day, 9 times out of 10 I will have an awful day. What should you do instead? Buy yourself flowers and put them on your work desk. It worked for me!

I used to think I had a second date curse. I have been on several first dates, a few second dates, and it is very rare if I go on a third date. Like my last third date was with my last relationship. It was a serious curse. Key word "was."  If I continue to tell myself I have this curse, I most likely won't have a third date for awhile. Which, I would be totally okay with that seeing as I love being single, but hey, a third date here and there doesn't sound awful.

Another example: today at work I began prepping my blog post for the website tomorrow. It has to deal with a wine milkshake, so I suggested a team outing to in-n-out so that I could take photos of the wine milkshake with an in-n-out burger, because when I think of a milkshake, I think of in-n-out. So, guess what we're doing for lunch tomorrow? Going to in-n-out. Simply because I suggested it, and everyone loved the idea. (Plus, who would ever say no to in-n-out?!) 

What are some things life has thrown at you recently? Have you combatted them, or just let life walk over you?

P.s.: I got some new books today, and I am most excited for my adult coloring book! My dad asked if it was rated R...... No, father, it is just a very intricate and detailed coloring book. Thank.You.Very.Much.

Sometimes Life Isn't a Perfect Scale

Monday, January 4, 2016

Life is all about balance. Finding a balance between work and social, health and wellness with your cravings for pizza, family time, friend time and you time. The struggles with finding balance is always asking when, where, and how much.

As much as I try to maintain a balanced life, things will never be perfect. Of course, everyone's life is perfectly imperfect. Each individual is perfect in their own kind of way, no matter what that may be and with whatever flaws that makes you unique.

So, let's balance out some things right now.
Want frozen yogurt? Go to the gym, work up a sweat, and go get you some fro-yo.
Want to go on a vacation? Save up, don't go shopping for a bit, and book your flight.
Cold, but don't feel like putting on socks? Throw on some Uggs.. I won't judge you.
Watching a video that scares you? Throw on some Spongebob and question why the inside of his round pineapple is square.

Starting to plan both my work and my social life in one planner is definitely the start of some balance, or at least so I think. What do I know, it's January 4, 2016 and I tweeted about starting 2015 off on the right foot this morning. You know, I'm human, I make mistakes.

Ironic how all I have been looking forward to is making this year great, and I am already back in the past year. See? Balance. Balancing reflecting on the past with planning the future, all while focusing in the present.

Then again, life could all be like riding a hover board and you think you're great until you fall forward, turn around too fast, fall backward, or your hover board bursts into flames. Who knows anymore.

Planning Is Key

Sunday, January 3, 2016

As the supposedly wise DJ Khaled says on his SnapChat, many things in life are the key to success.
Personally, I had to Google the whole DJ Khaled and key emoji thing, so we are going to stick to something I know. And I know Friends. I have always been one to plan, whether it is my week, my day, my work schedule, etc. In school, it was definitely easier to use my planner, and it was also very helpful when applying to jobs and when I worked part-time, to see when I was working weird hours, etc.
Now that I work 10 to 6 every day, I rarely use my planner. I have always decorated my planner, as motivation to use it, but recently (meaning the last like week or two) I would only write in my extracurriculars. Though this is informative, it leaves me feeling weird looking back on my week and ultimately takes away form the whole "journal" aspect of my planner, which is why I have the planner I do.
So, why are DJ Khaled and Friends in the same blog post with planners? This weekend fell short of my Sunday plans. Ironic, because Sunday is normally my planning day for the upcoming week.

My plans for Thursday through Saturday were pretty solid for the most part, but Sunday is where the problems occurred. Timing kept getting pushed back, we didn't have reservations for the museum we wanted to go to, there was miscommunications, the list just continued. So, we postponed until another weekend. This just made me realize how important planning is, and how necessary it is for that to be a key aspect on all sides, no matter how large the party.

Planning is a major key to success, and if you're gonna start at anytime, now is it. Don't wait for your plans to fall through to pick up your planner again, or be ready waiting in your car for an hour just for plans to be cancelled. Take it from my experience!
My challenge for myself this week is to bring my planner with me to work, and begin using it for both my work life and social life, so that I can visually see the balance. I am also hoping that this will get me to use my time more wisely, and be able to figure out a proper gym schedule. (Which is actually really hard when working a 10 to 6 job downtown...)

Planning can also be a very calming thing! It is for me at least.. well when I do it!
What are some of your favorite ways to keep track of plans and work?
Have a great week!

Just Keep Swimming

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy Saturday!

Today I went to the aquarium, which was SO MUCH FUN. No sarcasm. It was really fun. Minus the kids in strollers everywhere, but hey that's just like Disneyland you just have to live with it.

I headed over to Rachel's, aka my other half, and we went to Kreation... because we are addicted. After my coffee fix and her wanna-be-acai-bowl fix, we made the trek down to Long Beach and met up with two of her coworkers who are just as sassy and sarcastic as me, so that was great. I pet jellyfish, took a picture with a fake penguin that my mom thought was real from the picture, and I fed birds (I hate birds). Of course, I did all of this and took tons of pictures so here are some of those in case you don't follow me on any other social media platform:

Beautiful photos, I know, I try. Just kidding. Also, yes, I'm wearing workout clothes because why would I wear cute clothes to just walk around. I have done that before and learned my lesson. Plus, my Nike addiction got kind of bad last year and I need to wear them more.

Reality check time: I'm actually the annoying friend who is always like "OMG take my photo!" and my friends get really annoyed but they know the effort I put into my Instagrams and now my blogs so it's okay... I think, I don't know, actually... I don't really ask because I'm afraid to know that they actually hate taking my photos so let's just pretend my friends love taking photos for me. 

After the aquarium, Rachel and I headed to Silver Lake to check out a crystal shop, but we ended up getting hungry so we made a Pad Thai stop first. After Pad Thai, we went to the crystal shop and explored our inner chakra, what different crystals can do for the individual, and got a very brief, like very very brief intro on that area of spirituality/calming/meditation/whatever you want to call it. 

One of my newest things, not just for 2016 but for life, is to be more open to different experiences and views on the world, so why not learn about different things if it's right down the street from my friend's house!

(Plus, they're all like really pretty...)

My only "resolution," per say, for 2016 is "16 in 16": 
16 new things that either challenge me, get me out of my comfort level, or leave me with memories over materials. 16 isn't a lot, and the list definitely isn't done, but I know that I want one of them to be to try new books or podcasts, and at this point in my life, I am just open to positivity, in whichever form that may be. 

What are some of your favorite lifestyle or positivity books or podcasts? 
Hope you had a great first Saturday of the year!

Page 1 of 365

Friday, January 1, 2016

I felt so cliche even writing the title of this blog post, but sometimes we all need a fresh start. I have definitely been one of those people in the past who is determined to change on the first day of the New Year, because it is a New Year, new hope, new experiences, the list goes on and on. What I currently don't understand is why we don't celebrate New Month? Every day is an opportunity to change who you are, and whoever that is, only you can decide.

Okay enough sentimental boring New Year, New You stuff... let's get real here.

2015 was a whirlwind of emotions for me. My heart was broken, I disappointed people, I experienced new things, I learned a lot about myself, I grew up, I created memories that will last me a lifetime, I graduated college, I changed, and I realized what I want in life for myself and from others.

New Year's Eve is just an opportunity for clubs and bars to jack up their prices, and for people to get extremely drunk, and for random people to make-out. As cool as this may sound, I wanted to be in bed. Which is what I was when the clock struck midnight.

Didn't get a kiss at midnight? You're still alive, it isn't the end of the world.
Didn't get drunk? Look at all the calories you saved!
Went to bed early? Look at you, getting that beauty rest for 2016!
Didn't set any resolutions? Yeah, because you're probably already perfect.

I have no regrets from the year of 2015 and hope to only become a stronger individual, both physically and emotionally, in the coming year. Instead of celebrating the New Year, I challenge you to celebrate every month, every memory, every experience. When things close, it just makes room for something bigger and better. (And this is coming from someone who has little to no patience.)

All I can say is this: happy you year. Take a moment and reflect on what you want, and what you don't want in your life, and start collecting more moments and memories than things.

You are beautiful and smart and you deserve the world, so go get it!