As Told By Kathryn

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

If you would have talked to me four years ago, I would have told you I would be going to school on the East Coast, I would be probably a sociology major with a pre-law emphasis, and that I was stressing over the SAT.
Two Christmases ago I got a camera that would begin my 6 month YouTube career.
A year and a half ago I was debating blog names for my personal/beauty blog.
One year and a month (or so) ago I found out that I was going to go to Spain for a month.
One year ago today I started this blog.
And today I am here.

Being an only child has shaped a lot of the decisions I have made over time. I stayed in California because of my parents, and can't imagine going to school anywhere else. San Francisco used to just be my Aunt's favorite city and where we would go for weekend getaways. Now it is my second home.

I changed my major from undeclared, to sociology, to politics, and have added my PR minor. I went from pre-law to just focusing on politics. I went from wanting to be a corporate lawyer to wanting to do something in politics with an emphasis on PR.

I graduated 8th grade valedictorian and went into high school not knowing anyone. I met my best friends, found my "clique" and got a vague idea of what I wanted to do. I went to college knowing one person, my best friend, and can now say that some of my best friends live in the city but wanted something completely different out of life.
Branding myself comes from my past. It comes from being an only child, from leaving home for college, from dreaming of the east coast. 

I believe in fairytales, and the fact that everything happens for a reason, you just have to believe... I'm a girl searching and waiting to be captivated. But in the meantime, I will live my life, and there will be bumps, holes, and new directions, but this is my life...for now: I'm a student addicted to caffeine, fascinated by makeup, with a minor shopping problem. Sherman Oaks native currently living in San Francisco. 


  1. I love you Kathryn!! <3 And your most fabulous blog <3

  2. I'm interested in minoring in political science I guess you enjoy the political major?
    I'm environmental major and maybeee political sci minor!

    1. YES! At my school it's just politics but I love it! Ask me any and all questions!!


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