A Boy? A Blog? An Arrest?!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hopefully that title is intriguing enough to want to read, but the thing is, it's all true. So get excited! This post is about to be very interesting and fill you in on pretty much everything that has gone on in the past month.
Now since the last one is probably the most surprising, we'll do that and get that one out of the way. If you remember from my posts on my internships, I had been interning for my public administration class. (You can see posts all about my internship here, here, here, oh and here!) I completed my hours needed for the class but still was continuing my internship for the rest of the semester. That is, until I went to the office one morning a few weeks ago and there was no one there. Being the intern, I was unable to take my badge home meaning some one would need to let me into the office. I called the office, no one answered. Like I was standing outside, hearing the phones ring, and nothing. Security guard looked at me like I was crazy and told me to call my boss. Like hello, do you not think I already tried that?! Then the really hot guy from the office next door asked me if I was okay and I just had to smile and nod because 1) I can't speak around really attractive men and 2) no I'm not okay I'm on the verge of a panic attack.
So what do I do?! I call my mom.
Of course my mom turns into detective mode and tells me she will call me back, so now what?  I am in the state building, pacing, freaking out, and I don't know what to do. So I text the boy. Now, I know you are supposed to be cute, and flirty, and be cool with guys that you are just starting to talk to but you know what? If they are planning on sticking around they might as well deal with me at basically my worst. Sorry, but that's the truth. *monkey covering mouth emoji*
Back to the story. So as my mom is being a detective, I am venting to this guy who probably thinks I am insane but is actually keeping me calm. Weird. Why is this weird? Because every other guy I've ever talked to usually drives me crazy and we would butt heads and I just wouldn't want to tell them anything because I didn't want them to feel like I was a burden. Does this make sense?
So my mom finally calls me back, and tells me to be calm, and not freak out. So of course, because I am a logical human being, I lose my cool and start freaking out! My boss was arrested. Okay well now what!?
Since I finished my hours, the internship for my class was ultimately finished. For 2 weeks I went through this internal debate about how I didn't want to quit my internship (like my professor told me to) because I didn't want to quit. I loved working there, I loved the people, I loved the experiences. This is when I went on my blog-hiatus. I didn't know what to blog about, I didn't know what to think, I didn't know what to do. I ultimately made my decision and no longer work at my internship, but have told them that I would be available until the end of the semester if they need me to come in one day just to do entry level things. I was finally happy with my decision, and I had 3 people to thank, my parents, my friends, and this boy. Why the boy? Because he stuck through it, which hasn't been the case in a long time.
I have hung out with him twice, once just a hang out, the second time a date. It was an amazing first date, to put it lightly (crossed kissing under fireworks off my bucket list). 
We were supposed to have a second date today, but I had to work. The only downside to all of this is that he doesn't live in the city. That and we both have busy lives, leaving like no time to actually hang out. 
Adding to that, I'm only in the city until May before I go home for 3 months (summer), but don't worry, he knows this. I've also brought up the "so" question and we're both pretty much on the same page about whatever this is. He also knows I have a blog. Which made blogging right after our date kind of difficult. (I blame myself for having my blog in my Instagram description. Oh well)
So that's that for the boy. I think. It's just weird because people always say that it will happen when you least expect it, and that is exactly what happened. So we're just having fun, seeing where this leads. 
Wow, that was cheesy. SORRY! Anyways, back to the blog part of this post. I have regained my love for Tumblr over the past month, again leading to me neglecting this blog, and have also started Her Campus at my school, taking over the time I would normally dedicate here. But now that I have more free time (and lack of internship) and am finally back to my normal, not freaking out about interns and arrests and everything else! And for that I have you to thank, for reading this whole post, and for sticking with me through my rough patch of the semester(:


  1. wow thats definitely interesting lol! Hope it all works out for you and the boy

  2. Yay! Love that your back!! But that's crazy! You probably can't say why he was arrested but leaving it a mystery makes me want to know lol (don't have to tell though, totally understandable). Oh and is this the same guy from last time?! The group text with Rach?? Ahhhh, at least give me that haha


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