Intern Adventures part 3?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I am no longer the newbie. I know. Breaking news. This is a big deal.
Yesterday I walked into work (5 minutes early I might add) to be bombarded with "THANK GOODNESS YOU ARE HERE" comments. As nice as those were, I couldn't help but notice the chaos that was going on. There were boxes and bags full of paper everywhere. The time had come. It was office cleaning and reorganizing day. I was given the important task of being in charge of reorganizing and putting things where I felt necessary. This was a big deal. That's like almost ad much commitment as it was to have my voice on the voicemail at work. Well, I took on the challenge, and while I was organizing brochures and pamphlets galore in the back office, I suddenly heard "Kathryn, Kathryn? Oh there's someone I need you to meet!" Much to my surprise and disappointment it wasn't the cute guy from down the hall who I forced to talk to me. It was a new intern! She's French, super cool, and works there every Monday. There are also two other interns who work on Friday, but I don't work Friday's so I will never meet them. What a shame.

Anyways, I kind of got to train her/tell her all the tricks and tips that I wish someone would have told me my first day.

I told her where everything was.
I let her use my badge so she didn't have to ring the bell or knock every time.
I told her she didn't have to answer the phone her first day, because it took me 2 weeks to finally answer the phone.
I told her I liked her outfit.
I told her that our office was really a great environment to work in.
I told her what a typical day consists of.
I told her the other people's names.
I made her feel welcomed and comfortable on her first day.

And you know what? At the end of the day, and when she left, I felt great. She left and said that she can't wait until next Monday, and she is so excited to work there. As much as I wish I had someone say these things to me on my first day/week, I'm glad I had to figure it out for myself so that I could help someone else.

To put a damper on this great mood, I was on the bus with my headphones in so that i didn't have to talk to anyone, and some guy starts sign language-ing at me, asking me for a pen. SIR, I wear headphones on the bus so no one talks to me. That is the whole concept here.
I also confronted Mr. Snapchat on standing me up -- he apologized.
I failed at friend-zoning a guy -- what a concept.
I reached out to an old friend, only to realize that maybe time has drifted us apart -- typical.
I was awoken the next morning by jack hammers and proceeded to yell at them -- they were afraid of me.

All that being said, I am on Season two of the West Wing, am very behind on the Bachelor, and am going to get get some frozen yogurt/custard thing.

I just wanted to give you all a virtual hug. You rock my socks off.


  1. I hope you remember the new intern's name so she doesn't get all upset over it like you did!

  2. Good job for taking her under your wing! That's the best thing you could do :)

  3. look at you! you rock! my little is the shiz


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