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Thursday, February 13, 2014

I would like to mark today as the day I pretend to be the beauty blogger I hope and aspire to be as this post acts as a flashback to my 6 months of YouTube fame life in which I was CinderellaMakeup11. Please, try to search it. I deleted all the videos because I knew I could do better and that they didn't really let my personality shine through. If you are reallly interested though, I do still have them and have actually considered posting them up again. Just having gotten the time to (YouTube takes FOREVER) and haven't figured out if it was worth it or not!
Kathryn, you did YouTube videos?! Yeah. Makeup ones. I'm not a pro I just pretend like I know how to blend really well, and most of the time it turns out looking alright!

[Side note, my boss introduced me as "Our intern, Kathryn" and I went on my first office coffee run.]

Now, when in YouTube land, monthly favorites were a thing. You get your favorite makeup/skincare products and show them to the world and convince makeup obsessed people (I am talking about myself) to go buy it. I would also like to say that this turns into being at Sephora with your friend, and saying "yeah, I heard my friend tell me about this! She said it was great for xyz skin type" (my "friend" referring to someone I watch on YouTube and follow religiously on Twitter and Instagram. 

1. Purity
This cleanser is the bees knees. I love it. It takes off everything, smells like clean (don't look at me like that, you know what I mean.) and is simple but amazing and I love it. And yes, I do have this huge container of it. That's how much I love it. THAT, is commitment. 

2. Caseless-February?
I haven't had a case on my phone for almost a week and a half. I have my Pepe case (he's a french bulldog) in my bag at all times, I just haven't been using a case! I'll probably drop it soon then use a case again....

3. Color. This is weird for me because I usually stick to neutrals, but the past few weeks I've been wearing color! Change in the weather? Who knows, but I kind of like it.

4. Statement necklaces (link to coral one!)

5. New Mascara

6. Matte eyeshadows/wearing eyeshadow in general...


7. Lip colors/combinations

8. The Skimm
Just the most genius idea ever.

9. West Wing
I asked my mom why I had never watched this show because it's everything I love in a show, and she said that it was on when I had a bed time. Understandable. Sometimes I wished I still had a bedtime... Point being: THIS SHOW IS PERFECT. And there's 7 seasons so it should get me through the semester, right? Also the video it is linked to it C.J. doing "The Jackal" and I just want to have her job. That's all.

Cue: you just got a letter from Blue's Clues and that has been me the past few days! I love presents! And yes, that is a monogram shirt courtesy of the amazing Monogram Meredith and that little heart is a Starbucks gift card because my mom knows my obsession is a problem...

11. This list

Also Lauren's twitter, because it's entertaning...

Sorry, this is a screenshot, the html to embed the video wasn't working. But yeah, I've watched this about 10 times within the past 24 hours...

Look at that. 13 on February 13th! Let me know if you like the concept of this! I like the makeup aspect but also have had a few random things I've been loving and what better way to share them!


  1. I read the Skimm every morning when i wake up!

    1. I signed up at the beginning of the week and LOVE it!

  2. I love that list from the Man Repeller! It's so so accurate

  3. Love it! If you were a beauty guru I'd be a fan!! So, post your vids :)

  4. I love all of these. Purity is the best!


  5. Cute post! And I read the Skimm too! Love it!


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