So he wants me to meet the friends and family...

Friday, May 9, 2014

We all know I've never had a real boyfriend. This being said, the only two guys that I have ever liked enough to even think about having that as an option met my parents because we were friends first or because he came over to my house to work on a project.

Because of this, I have never been taken home to a guy's parents. Yes I met contestant #1's mom and dad but at his birthday party, and he had already met my parents, and contestant #2 basically called my mom "mom" and I didn't meet his family until graduation, graduation. And that was only because I like went up to him so it would've been super awkward had he not introduced me. I also kind of hated him at the time, but that is another story in and of itself.

So my mom comes up next Friday to pick me up, and she wants to meet him. Understandable seeing as we've been "dating"/"talking" for about two months, right? I don't know the answer to these questions which is why I am blogging. Like is this too soon? Anyways, he probably had work so that might not even be the case, but then last night he told me his brother and his brother's girlfriend want to meet me. I think I could do that! Like it isn't like I would be meeting his brother, brother's girlfriend, and parents all at once, and he said he wouldn't do that to me either way. *Progression*

But now he's planning a trip down to Disneyland and wants me to go and, granted I might have work and won't be able to go at all, but I also might be able to escape for one day and be able to just go down for a few hours. The magic of a season pass. Back to the questions/story. Is this too soon? I have no experience in this whatsoever. And yes, he told me that they will all love me and think that I'm as great as he's told them I am but THIS IS STRESSFUL.

How soon do you think it is to meet the friends? Meet the family?
I want him to meet my friends, and they want to meet him, it's just that timing never works out. Okay so help. What should I do? I mean of course I want to meet them, but this is nerve wrecking, even though I told him I wasn't nervous.

Thanks for listening to my Friday rant. You're all amazing.


  1. I once had a boyfriend take me home to meet his parents on our third date. No warning. I got in the car and we were driving and he said, "Oh, we're going to my parents house because they want to meet you." I think you're TOTALLY fine meeting the families now!

  2. I'm with Jay T. Your totally fine to meet the parents. I know its super stressful, it always is. But just try to relax and enjoy the fact that this guy wants you to meet his family means that he clearly likes you a lot.

  3. You are totally fine!!! My now boyfriend kinda put me on the spot too, but I was glad he did because I was so nervous! We were going on a day date and he was like "oh I have to change, let's meet my parents!" They'll love you, I'm sure!

  4. I dont know how old you are so I guess that would factor in. I met my boyfriend a year ago, I met his mom on the 3rd date and we moved in together 3 months in... lol I guess it just depends on your relationship and what you're comfortable with.

  5. 2 months... yes. for sure. Just be yourself and they will love you!

  6. I met my then boyfriend, now husband's parents on our forth and fifth date. I don't think it is too so to meet his parents (: I think that it is nice that you are meeting his parents sooner rather than later. I know my boyfriend at the time... I did not introduce him to my parent's until four months into the relationship but I was immature and at the time I was not allowed to date and kept him a secret. I regret it. But five years later we are still together and just recently tied the knot and got married. ♡

  7. You'll be fine! Two months is a good amount of time! I just told my mom about J yesterday, and I've been talking to him for over two months, who's procrastinating? This girl right here. You, my dear, are on the right track ;)

  8. I think 2 months is totally acceptable! As long as your feelings toward this boy are pretty strong, I say go for it!!


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