Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursdays are my "hell days," meaning I have three classes, spread out, from 9:55 am - 10:10 pm. Fun stuff, I know. I'm saying this because I am used to Thursdays being hectic, but not as hectic as today. Here is a little excerpt from my day... (the fun part, that included llamas.)

I was sitting at home, I had just finished my lunch and was relaxing and watching an episode of Desperate Housewives when Erika, my roommate, texted me a selfie of her with a llama. Here was my response:

I threw my flats on, stuffed my notebook in my bag, and ran out the door. I had no idea where I was running. She just told me "all around campus." Okay, mission let me find a llama is a go.

As I was running to campus (I ran because I only had ten minutes to find the llama, take a picture with the llama, and go to class) I ran into my friend Erin(who texted me the insta caption "me llama Kathryn" aka pure geniusness) and as she was about to stop to talk to me, I blurted out "HI I'M LOOKING FOR THE LLAMA I CAN'T TALK" and she smiled and said "Oh! They're right over there!" GODSEND. AWESOME. I NOW KNOW THE LOCATION OF THE LLAMAS. It should be easy from this point right? WRONG.

As I am walking, power walking I might add, this guy, a very attractive, well dressed guy, comes up to me and is like "want a part time job that pays $16 an hour?" He was cute, and I didn't want to be rude to a stranger, so I was like oh well I already have a job. "But does it pay $16 an hour?! Its very convenient and great for students!" And he keeps talking about this job and how I should apply because I look like I'd be a great candidate and I interrupted him and said you know what, this sounds like a great opportunity, but I have to go take a picture with a llama and go to class. He laughed and told me to have a nice day. Thanks, dude. 
So I turn around and see two of my other friends and yell. YELL! "THERE'S LLAMAS AND I'M GOING TO TAKE A PICTURE" to which they rightfully asked me why, and I just said that I didn't know I just wanted a picture with a llama.
So, I speed walk down the pathway and see not one, not two BUT THREE LLAMAS! Yeah, three. I know. It's insane. So there is a huge crowd surrounding one llama, a line to take pictures with another llama, and then one llama just chilling out with the trainer. So obviously I go to that llama, because I don't have time for the other two and I get my phone ready to take a selfie and the trainer goes "oh, no selfies or hugs for this llama.. he's aggressive." WHY WOULD YOU BRING AN AGGRESSIVE LLAMA TO A COLLEGE CAMPUS!? So I go to the other llama where the line has dispersed, and went up to a girl standing alone and offered to take her picture with the llama as long as she took mine, and we became friends and took pictures of each other and the llama and then I ran past the job offering man and went to class. 

I think these pictures are worth it.

Disclaimer: NO the llama did not spit on me. Why would they bring spitting llamas to a college campus?! And why would I aggravate a llama?! IT'S A LLAMA!

Senioritis: A Little Elle Woods Motivation

Friday, October 3, 2014

The time has come. I am a senior in college. And I have senioritis.
I love my school, I really do. I love all my classes, my professors are all really cool, for being professors, and the work isn't too crazy. Loljk I almost had a panic attack earlier this week because I was so overwhelmed. But as a whole, I don't have very many complaints.
With all of that being said, it is crazy to think that in less than a year I will be a college graduate. It is crazy that with every event for my sorority, or my job, or anything on campus, I have to say "well, this is my last one so I really have to go and I really have to make an effort."

I see senioritis as two things:
1.) The "I'm graduating in May and am going to have a real people, grown up girl job hopefully, or will be looking for one, and I need to put my best foot forward and prove to everyone how much I can do, oh and on top of that I need to finalize my resume but I also need to build upon it, and I need to go to work to make money and I need to spend time with my friends, oh yeah and I need to go to class and get good grades because what would any of this be with a bad GPA" approach.

2.) The "I'm a senior in college and I'm 21 and this is the last time Ihave to have fun before real life" approach.

The 2nd approach hasn't hit me, might not until the last month of next semester, who knows. For the mean time, I'll be freaking out about everything I have to do and haven't yet done all while keeping calm and keeping up my hair care to make Elle Woods proud.

Twenty One | Twenty Fun

Friday, September 12, 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...

I survived my twenty-first birthday. Barely. But I did it. Actually, I am convinced that I died and came back to life, and suffered the entire week following August 31. I went out Saturday night at midnight, got bottle service with some of my friends and then the infamous "friends of friends" group who I have never met before and probably will never meet again, but hey, thanks for the free drinks for a few hours. I went home and slept, woke up the next morning and did it all again... this time, with brunch. Not just any brunch I might add, bottomless mimosa brunch. I remember the first half of brunch, and that is about it. And oddly I remember everything from the night before, just the time between brunch and dinner is all a blur, but don't worry, my friends love me and took lots of pictures to remind me the next day what happened... Lots of singing and dancing was involved.
Dinner involved me, "the boy," Erika, Angie, my parents, and my aunt and uncle, and the worst waiter on the face of the planet. Like he made us all very anxious. 
Overall my birthday week was successful )if we are counting success as not remembering the majority of your 21st birthday)!

Now here is my birthday weekend in pictures:

Mini golf, dinner, and the movies, oh my

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Date night at it's finest: mini golfing, dinner, grocery shopping, a mini road trip and a movie.
This was my Friday night. Well, afternoon/night. I went to work until 1, had a little Starbucks trip/Theta meeting, and the boy came over. We went to UrbanPutt which is an indoor mini golf place in the mission and I realized how terrible I am at mini golfing. Like I am actually terrible. Like the boy tried letting me win, he tried to help me, he did the cute wrap your arms around me help me hit the ball; none of them worked. I am just a terrible terrible mini golfer. Plus it was indoor and I felt super rushed because there were people behind us and it's all so close together and it was super stressful. We finished mini golfing within like an hour, and decided we were hungry. OH, this all happened after the parking fiasco where I realized that he can't parallel park and I was trying to navigate him and he just wasn't having it and he wanted me to park his car and like lol no 1) I don't think we're at the level where I should be driving his car and 2) I suck at parking like I'm not about to be embarrassed, I was embarrassed enough an hour later when I lost at mini golf.
We were walking back to the car to go get food and he kind of rushed me into to be car. I was confused because I thought I would have to direct him out of the parking spot but he saw a guy on the street and he knows how much I hate the mission and didn't want me to freak out and wanted me to feel safe. And I have never felt more secure in a guy before. I felt so safe and protected and I don't know it was a great feeling. So then we decided to go to Panda Express because we're so romantic, loljk. But he paid, oh and he also paid for mini golf, and opened like ALL doors for me. It was great.
Embedded image permalink
Then I needed to go to SafeWay because it is that time in San Francisco again in which all houses and apartments are new homes to fruit flies. It is gross and I hate it but they leave when it gets cold out so it's okay. There were an excessive amount though so I needed to get apple cider vinegar to get rid of some of them. Yay DIY traps.
We went to SafeWay and then back to my apartment to drop that off and get a jacket and off to the movies we went... IN SANTA CLARA. So like an hour drive, south. Which is fine and all but like I wasn't prepared for a mini road trip. I talked the whole time.Surprise surprise. We met up with his brother and his brother's girlfriend at a sushi restaurant and watched them eat because we like to be awkward and then went to the movies. We saw guardians of the galaxy, second time for me, third time for the boy, first time for the brother and brother's girlfriend. We saw it in 3D which I usually hate, but it wasn't terrible! I paid for the movie tickets because 1) I lost at mini golf and thought he deserved a prize and 2) he was going to have to drive me back home after midnight, an hour away.
The night couldn't have gone any better, well I could have been better at mini golf but that is besides the point. It was perfect and it made me happy.

Friday seems like ages ago and my weekend was filled with filming for my sorority, babysitting, brunch, stealing kites, and my sorority meeting. My birthday is less than a week away (this upcoming Sunday, hollerrr) but I am on antibiotics and am kinda upset about my birthday now. Don't worry, I am going off of them on Saturday because I am turning the big 2-1 and I will be consuming alcohol, but that's besides the point. Everything for my birthday has been planned for a few weeks now, but I am not looking forward to it as much as I was last week or I have in previous years. I blame the antibiotics but it is just another thing that I have to worry about this week, pushing aside the excitement. It also doesn't help that the boy is at Disneyland sending me snap chats every two seconds and I am in class and at work.... Boys are dumb. Hopefully all my excitement will come back soon enough and then everything will be great and fun and I will be the birthday princess! Until then, I will be trying to take as many naps and trying to watch as much Desperate Housewives as my schedule allows.

Monday Night Lights

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

If you follow me on Twitter, sorry for my live tweets but like how else am I supposed to remember what happens...

Last night I went to "the boy's" (I feel like I should stop referring to him as this now that we're official, but I've already started calling him that so it's fine) softball game. Now, this isn't just a random team he plays on. His brother, who I've met, his father, and uncle, both of whom I have not met, also play on this team. But lucky for me, it is only like a 10 minute drive away. After waiting for "they boy" to tell me where his game was, he snap chatted me a picture of the field, and I responded with a picture of my bed, and I got the reaction I wanted. (Boys are dumb sometimes... they don't think.) Turns our that he never hit send on the text telling me where and when his game was, so he thought I was just avoiding him, meanwhile I thought he was passively telling me not to come. Miscommunication at its finest.
Yes, he sent me this snapchat. Because I called him a princess. Because he is. 

I got to the game right on time, after bonding with my sidecar driver, and kept making awkward eye contact with his dad. When they came in from the outfield, "the boy" came over and said hi. I was actually paying attention to the game, and he yelled my name, and his brother was so excited to see me. After the game, I realized that they were all going out, and I didn't know if it was a team only thing or what. (They lost by a few points, and I was the only one there cheering for them. This is important information.)
I introduced myself to his dad, and after that everything was smooth. Well I shook hands with his brother and I was totally gonna go in for the hug, but I guess he isn't that comfortable with me but like I would give anyone a hug because it's me. Anyways, they invited me to go out with them and we went to a saloon/bar thing down the street, but I'm still a baby for 2 more weeks, and thought I would get carded. I didn't and his dad offered to buy me a drink. Seeing as today is the first day of classes and I wanted to make an okay impression on his dad, I kindly said no. I then heard someone shout "Hey the boy's name here what's your girlfriend drinking? Does she want anything?" And a few of the other guys also offered to buy me a drink. Let me tell ya, being the only girl with like 10 guys in a bar isn't the worst place to be. But again, hi, I'm a child for 2 more weeks, and school, and it just didn't feel right. So I got to talking to the dad who told me dating stories about him and "the boy's" mom which was so super adorable, and then "the boy" decided it was time for me to leave (I guess I yawned/checked my phone... oops, whatever) and I said goodbye.

When he dropped me off I tried to figure out what he is getting me for my birthday. It didn't work. The conversation went like this:

Me: So have you figured out what you're getting me for my birthday?
The Boy: I have a few things in mind...
Me: Oh yeah? Like what?!
The Boy: Well if I told you, that'd be cheating wouldn't it?
Me: No...
The Boy: *Silence*

Mind you I haven't told him what to get me, and he knows I wanted Nike free runs and lululemons but he also knows I might be already getting those from family... So let's hope he doesn't take my "flowers and champagne" comment seriously, and just get me that. I have no idea what to expect. I'm so new at this. So scary. And I just got off the phone with my mom and I guess she has been talking to him?! And so has my little?! What is going on...

He Brought Sexy Back

Saturday, August 16, 2014

I am writing this blog post at 6:14 am as I sit in an airport terminal for my flight that has been delayed 2 hours and after a mini panic attack at check-in.

I lied. I fell asleep for an hour at the airport. Made a friend, kinda. Woke up, left the friend. Went to get coffee and a bagel, and came back and the plane was there! So now I am on the plane, blasting Justin Timberlake, having flashbacks of last night, but more importantly blocking out the snoring man next to me. I really love flying, can't you tell? 

Anyways, the point of this post is to gawk, admire, and respect the beauty and perfection that is the man, the myth, the legend: Justin Timberlake.
I bought tickets to see Justin Timberlake back in January. That was SO long ago. And there was a crazy mishap with the tickets and Bank of America thought that someone had stolen my credit card therefore blocking me from buying the tickets in which the page refreshed and I lost the most perfect, reasonably priced tickets ever. (The person behind me keeps kicking my seat. Today is the worst.) Since I got the tickets, what seems like ages ago, it was a miracle that the day had finally come. The day in which I was supposed to pack during the day, but ended up going to brunch and playing with my kitty, and then packing last minute and spending way too much time getting ready for the concert so that I would have to come home and pack and not sleep. Do it for JT. We got to LA Live after a car ride of blasting Justin Timberlake and playing the "what songs is he going to sing?" and the "I wonder if he is going to have any guest performers or an opening act" guessing game. Spoiler alert: no one opens for JT and he doesn't need a guest appearance to make the show memorable. (Oh! Drink service time! The snoring guy woke up.. Still blasting JT, whatever) 
So we get to LA Live, got handed free coke, and we go to the restaurant we had reservations at. The lady looked at us like we were crazy and then asked if we had made the reservations online. Isn't that how everyone makes reservations nowadays? I didn't say that of course, I didn't want her to spit in my food or anything... But I told her yes and searched for the email reservations (33 more minutes of flight time according to the pilot, who sounds very attractive). I found the reservation and had it ready to show her as she explained to us that their server crashed and no online reservations went through and the best she could do was have us be next on the list. I mean, that is a pretty good deal, so we said okay and our table was ready within a few minutes. We ate upstairs and it was a pretty fun restaurant. My food came last, like way after everyone else's but maybe thats because I ordered tacos and the restaurant wanted to torture me. Who knows. After dinner we headed over to Staples, which is right across the street, and waited in the super crazy long lines to get in. While in line, the ladies in front of me asked me to take a picture of them and then they would take one of us. Cool, sounds good. So i go to take a picture of these two, thirty-something women, and I look at their tickets, that they were flashing in the picture to read the row and seat  numbers: Row 1, Seat 4/5. Well yeah, if I had floor front row seats I would be flashing those too, but I wanted to trade taking their picture for their tickets. I kept my cool though. And they went on their merry way. In line, we got free cherry red vine candy things, thanks AMP radio, and Emma and I went to go check out the shirts while Erika and Christina held our places in line. We got through security and saw bunches of people congregated in front of iPads. "Win VIP tickets for tonights show!" DONE. We all entered our information and thought since we were poor college students in the nose bleed seats we would be chosen, but we weren't. So we made the trek up to the top of Staples center and climbed a ton of stairs, and finally made it to our seats, one row in front of the very back row. 
But we were right on the side of the stage, and JT didn't look like that much of an ant. Like we could see his dance moves from up there, and that made me happy. We didn't get to our seats until about 8:20 and on the ticket it had said start time 8:00. No one opened, well, unless you count the DJ but I don't, and JT came on a little after 9:00. (The man in front of me keeps banging his back against the seat and my water is spilling everywhere. What. The. Eff. And the stewardess just came by for trash and walked right past me. OKAY, PEOPLE.) Justin played until about 10:00 or so and took a 10 minute break. I mean the guy needed some type of break after singing and dancing for an hour, goodness. He played until 11:45 and it was a huge party. He played classics like What Goes Around, SexyBack, SeƱorita (my fave), songs from 20/20, and Human Nature by Michael Jackson for Robin Williams. Cue tears. The stage moved across Staples and was one of the coolest concert layouts I have seen. He also made us sing happy birthday to Katie from Victorville and yelled at her for being sober. This man dropped f bombs like it was nobody's business. And if I had a dollar for every time he said "turn up" or "shake your ass, LA" my ticket would be paid for. Oh, random, someone was smoking weed during the show. Like is that what people do in the nose bleed section?! And the guy who was smoking brought his girlfriend and she had a little bit too much to drink and was asleep for more than half the show. And then there were the drunk dancers, and overly excited moms who stood up and danced for Power to ya.

It was an amazing concert and I can't imagine having as much fun as I did without my friends. (Closer seats would have been nice, but I'm not going to complain.)

Oh! We're starting our decent. SF, here I come. 

Disneyland, Sebastian Stan, Selfies and Filthy Fanny

Friday, August 8, 2014

You may or may not know this, but I have a slight obsession with Disneyland. I know, groundbreaking. This girl (the crying one...) and I have a lot in common.
As it is the last week of camp, and tradition may have it, the field trip was Disneyland, also being probably the last time I go to Disneyland this summer. Bittersweet. I don't want to talk about it. You're probably looking at me like the other girl in that GIF. It's fine. We're over it.

I had Thursday off, so today is my last day of camp. Which is crazy but necessary. I love camp and all the kids, but it can be over. I won't cry. I promise. But I did almost cry at Disneyland because my group and I went on the Storybook Land Canal Boats, a ride I haven't been on since I was little, meaning I've never been on it because I don't remember anything. And there was a Cinderella chateau/dream castle/magicalness and our "tour guide" boat lady, who was named Destiny (like she was made to work at Disneyland) was perfect and kept making Disney jokes and it was just great. And yes, they probably have a script or something, but it's like the Jungle Cruise: if you have a bad tour guide who just says the jokes and doesn't embellish them and isn't into it, it isn't fun! But I digress..  
Backing up in the time machine, the counselors began starting group texts for field trips. And yes we had them for the field trip to check in with everyone but it was mostly the camp director texting us asking how we were doing and everyone responding with general answers and me responding with way too many emojis... Why should I say okay/good/getting lunch when i can do the "okay" or "thumbs up" emoji or the fork and knife with a bunch of food and the child emoji?! It just makes more sense.. to me at least. But yesterday we had an "only counselors on the bus" group chat and it was the funniest thing of my life. It consisted of memes, GIFs (courtesy of the amazing new app called nutmeg), and selfies... Yes. We had a selfie-off. Don't worry we were still watching the kids.
Like of course all of the counselors all get super close at the end of summer. So frustrating. We're trying to plan an all staff BBQ but I leave next week, and some of the counselors are teachers and TAs and school goes back next week so it might not happen. But it's okay. One day, I will get bored and bring back those group texts. *smirking emoji*
At Disneyland, we got bombarded in front of Big Thunder Mountain by a cowgirl and a Sebastian Stan look-a-like (you know, the hot guy from Captain America?)
It wasn't him. This guy was too short. But anyways, we got bombarded, and were given cowboy names. Which was pretty cool. Minus the fact that I was given the name "Skinny Pete" and then they were like "ohjk you look more like a Filthy Fanny" like okay, thanks. The kids also weren't fans of their names so I was also "Lil Mama" for a while and "Cowboy No." Gotta love Disneyland, right?

0 days til the last day of camp (it's today)
4 days til Justin Timberlake
5 days til my flight back to SF
11 days til the first day of school
23 days until my 21st birthday!

What to do in summer...

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It is officially my last final week of summer, which I would normally say is so super crazy and summer has flown by but it hasn't. This has been the longest summer ever and I can't wait to go back to school. Crazy, I know. But I miss order and having a set schedule that doesn't change every week because of work schedulings, or whatever the case may be. I don't like not having a set schedule, and I don't like waiting until like 3 days before to plan my next week. I am at the point in my summer where I have a day off and I'm bored... 

Like it's even gotten to the point where other people are bored too. I have proof. YouTube never lies.

But it's all like clean your closet - done- redecorate your room - done - start a new series - done and finished and caught up on like 3 - watch movies - done - paint nails - 100 times done. So many more things, I've done pretty much all of it. And now I feel like Olaf, but instead of turning into a happy snowman, I'm turning into a puddle...

Any ideas to help me survive the next few days I have left of sumer break?

1 day til the last camp field trip - Disneyland!
3 days til the last day of camp
7 days til Justin Timberlake
8 days til my flight back to SF
14 days til the first day of school
26 days until my 21st birthday!