Disneyland, Sebastian Stan, Selfies and Filthy Fanny

Friday, August 8, 2014

You may or may not know this, but I have a slight obsession with Disneyland. I know, groundbreaking. This girl (the crying one...) and I have a lot in common.
As it is the last week of camp, and tradition may have it, the field trip was Disneyland, also being probably the last time I go to Disneyland this summer. Bittersweet. I don't want to talk about it. You're probably looking at me like the other girl in that GIF. It's fine. We're over it.

I had Thursday off, so today is my last day of camp. Which is crazy but necessary. I love camp and all the kids, but it can be over. I won't cry. I promise. But I did almost cry at Disneyland because my group and I went on the Storybook Land Canal Boats, a ride I haven't been on since I was little, meaning I've never been on it because I don't remember anything. And there was a Cinderella chateau/dream castle/magicalness and our "tour guide" boat lady, who was named Destiny (like she was made to work at Disneyland) was perfect and kept making Disney jokes and it was just great. And yes, they probably have a script or something, but it's like the Jungle Cruise: if you have a bad tour guide who just says the jokes and doesn't embellish them and isn't into it, it isn't fun! But I digress..  
Backing up in the time machine, the counselors began starting group texts for field trips. And yes we had them for the field trip to check in with everyone but it was mostly the camp director texting us asking how we were doing and everyone responding with general answers and me responding with way too many emojis... Why should I say okay/good/getting lunch when i can do the "okay" or "thumbs up" emoji or the fork and knife with a bunch of food and the child emoji?! It just makes more sense.. to me at least. But yesterday we had an "only counselors on the bus" group chat and it was the funniest thing of my life. It consisted of memes, GIFs (courtesy of the amazing new app called nutmeg), and selfies... Yes. We had a selfie-off. Don't worry we were still watching the kids.
Like of course all of the counselors all get super close at the end of summer. So frustrating. We're trying to plan an all staff BBQ but I leave next week, and some of the counselors are teachers and TAs and school goes back next week so it might not happen. But it's okay. One day, I will get bored and bring back those group texts. *smirking emoji*
At Disneyland, we got bombarded in front of Big Thunder Mountain by a cowgirl and a Sebastian Stan look-a-like (you know, the hot guy from Captain America?)
It wasn't him. This guy was too short. But anyways, we got bombarded, and were given cowboy names. Which was pretty cool. Minus the fact that I was given the name "Skinny Pete" and then they were like "ohjk you look more like a Filthy Fanny" like okay, thanks. The kids also weren't fans of their names so I was also "Lil Mama" for a while and "Cowboy No." Gotta love Disneyland, right?

0 days til the last day of camp (it's today)
4 days til Justin Timberlake
5 days til my flight back to SF
11 days til the first day of school
23 days until my 21st birthday!

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  1. 21?! I might just have to plan a trip up to SF and visit you ;)


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