Mini golf, dinner, and the movies, oh my

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Date night at it's finest: mini golfing, dinner, grocery shopping, a mini road trip and a movie.
This was my Friday night. Well, afternoon/night. I went to work until 1, had a little Starbucks trip/Theta meeting, and the boy came over. We went to UrbanPutt which is an indoor mini golf place in the mission and I realized how terrible I am at mini golfing. Like I am actually terrible. Like the boy tried letting me win, he tried to help me, he did the cute wrap your arms around me help me hit the ball; none of them worked. I am just a terrible terrible mini golfer. Plus it was indoor and I felt super rushed because there were people behind us and it's all so close together and it was super stressful. We finished mini golfing within like an hour, and decided we were hungry. OH, this all happened after the parking fiasco where I realized that he can't parallel park and I was trying to navigate him and he just wasn't having it and he wanted me to park his car and like lol no 1) I don't think we're at the level where I should be driving his car and 2) I suck at parking like I'm not about to be embarrassed, I was embarrassed enough an hour later when I lost at mini golf.
We were walking back to the car to go get food and he kind of rushed me into to be car. I was confused because I thought I would have to direct him out of the parking spot but he saw a guy on the street and he knows how much I hate the mission and didn't want me to freak out and wanted me to feel safe. And I have never felt more secure in a guy before. I felt so safe and protected and I don't know it was a great feeling. So then we decided to go to Panda Express because we're so romantic, loljk. But he paid, oh and he also paid for mini golf, and opened like ALL doors for me. It was great.
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Then I needed to go to SafeWay because it is that time in San Francisco again in which all houses and apartments are new homes to fruit flies. It is gross and I hate it but they leave when it gets cold out so it's okay. There were an excessive amount though so I needed to get apple cider vinegar to get rid of some of them. Yay DIY traps.
We went to SafeWay and then back to my apartment to drop that off and get a jacket and off to the movies we went... IN SANTA CLARA. So like an hour drive, south. Which is fine and all but like I wasn't prepared for a mini road trip. I talked the whole time.Surprise surprise. We met up with his brother and his brother's girlfriend at a sushi restaurant and watched them eat because we like to be awkward and then went to the movies. We saw guardians of the galaxy, second time for me, third time for the boy, first time for the brother and brother's girlfriend. We saw it in 3D which I usually hate, but it wasn't terrible! I paid for the movie tickets because 1) I lost at mini golf and thought he deserved a prize and 2) he was going to have to drive me back home after midnight, an hour away.
The night couldn't have gone any better, well I could have been better at mini golf but that is besides the point. It was perfect and it made me happy.

Friday seems like ages ago and my weekend was filled with filming for my sorority, babysitting, brunch, stealing kites, and my sorority meeting. My birthday is less than a week away (this upcoming Sunday, hollerrr) but I am on antibiotics and am kinda upset about my birthday now. Don't worry, I am going off of them on Saturday because I am turning the big 2-1 and I will be consuming alcohol, but that's besides the point. Everything for my birthday has been planned for a few weeks now, but I am not looking forward to it as much as I was last week or I have in previous years. I blame the antibiotics but it is just another thing that I have to worry about this week, pushing aside the excitement. It also doesn't help that the boy is at Disneyland sending me snap chats every two seconds and I am in class and at work.... Boys are dumb. Hopefully all my excitement will come back soon enough and then everything will be great and fun and I will be the birthday princess! Until then, I will be trying to take as many naps and trying to watch as much Desperate Housewives as my schedule allows.

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