Monday Night Lights

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

If you follow me on Twitter, sorry for my live tweets but like how else am I supposed to remember what happens...

Last night I went to "the boy's" (I feel like I should stop referring to him as this now that we're official, but I've already started calling him that so it's fine) softball game. Now, this isn't just a random team he plays on. His brother, who I've met, his father, and uncle, both of whom I have not met, also play on this team. But lucky for me, it is only like a 10 minute drive away. After waiting for "they boy" to tell me where his game was, he snap chatted me a picture of the field, and I responded with a picture of my bed, and I got the reaction I wanted. (Boys are dumb sometimes... they don't think.) Turns our that he never hit send on the text telling me where and when his game was, so he thought I was just avoiding him, meanwhile I thought he was passively telling me not to come. Miscommunication at its finest.
Yes, he sent me this snapchat. Because I called him a princess. Because he is. 

I got to the game right on time, after bonding with my sidecar driver, and kept making awkward eye contact with his dad. When they came in from the outfield, "the boy" came over and said hi. I was actually paying attention to the game, and he yelled my name, and his brother was so excited to see me. After the game, I realized that they were all going out, and I didn't know if it was a team only thing or what. (They lost by a few points, and I was the only one there cheering for them. This is important information.)
I introduced myself to his dad, and after that everything was smooth. Well I shook hands with his brother and I was totally gonna go in for the hug, but I guess he isn't that comfortable with me but like I would give anyone a hug because it's me. Anyways, they invited me to go out with them and we went to a saloon/bar thing down the street, but I'm still a baby for 2 more weeks, and thought I would get carded. I didn't and his dad offered to buy me a drink. Seeing as today is the first day of classes and I wanted to make an okay impression on his dad, I kindly said no. I then heard someone shout "Hey the boy's name here what's your girlfriend drinking? Does she want anything?" And a few of the other guys also offered to buy me a drink. Let me tell ya, being the only girl with like 10 guys in a bar isn't the worst place to be. But again, hi, I'm a child for 2 more weeks, and school, and it just didn't feel right. So I got to talking to the dad who told me dating stories about him and "the boy's" mom which was so super adorable, and then "the boy" decided it was time for me to leave (I guess I yawned/checked my phone... oops, whatever) and I said goodbye.

When he dropped me off I tried to figure out what he is getting me for my birthday. It didn't work. The conversation went like this:

Me: So have you figured out what you're getting me for my birthday?
The Boy: I have a few things in mind...
Me: Oh yeah? Like what?!
The Boy: Well if I told you, that'd be cheating wouldn't it?
Me: No...
The Boy: *Silence*

Mind you I haven't told him what to get me, and he knows I wanted Nike free runs and lululemons but he also knows I might be already getting those from family... So let's hope he doesn't take my "flowers and champagne" comment seriously, and just get me that. I have no idea what to expect. I'm so new at this. So scary. And I just got off the phone with my mom and I guess she has been talking to him?! And so has my little?! What is going on...

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