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Friday, March 28, 2014

I love tags. I love them! I also love giveaways. And you know what? Since it's Friday, I'm giving you BOTH! You're welcome in advance *smirking emoji* I was going to do another update post, but I can't. I can't write about what's going on when I don't know what's going on or how I feel about it. And I'm an emotional person!! But over these past few days, so much has gone down that I just don't know how to feel. There's my family. My internship. My class. A boy. A friend. Just so much stuff that shouldn't happen within the span of 72 hours, that did.
So here are some questions that have nothing to do with everything that I am currently dealing with. Which is exactly what I need right now.

My questions:
01. Pens or pencils?

PENS 100%. I don't like pencils. They drive me crazy. They get on my hand. They run out of lead. The eraser marks get everywhere. It's awful.

02. What's the last dream you remember having?

I went out to dinner with my celebrity crush and he drove me home and then I fell while we were walking. This would probably happen in real life, mind you.

03. If you had a Patronus, what would it be?

I have no idea. So I took this quiz:
My Patronus is a Rabbit
Your patronus takes the form of a Rabbit. A rabbit is known for being somewhat shy. Similarly, you tend to be quiet around others, especially new people. However, you are very bright and alert. You are good at reading people and know who to trust. You are also nurturing and kind. You may have trouble conjuring your patronus because your mind tends to race in the heat of a battle.
04. Are there any foods you hated as a kid that you like now?
Brussel Sprouts! They used to scare me.

05. What's your favorite part about where you live?
I live in two cities because I'm complicated. I love both LA and SF because they are citites. I love having my car in LA and that I can always have somewhere to go or do. I love SF because of the restaurants and city life. SF reminds me of a hybrid between LA and NY with a mix of "hipster" and I love it (no I am not hipster).

06. Do you have siblings? If so, are you the oldest, youngest, or middle?
Only child! Woot wooooot.

07. If you could have a talent that you don't currently possess, what would it be?
To either sing or dance. Or teleport. But let's be realistic. So probably to sing.

08. What's your favorite Disney princess movie?

09. Do you prefer hot or iced tea?
Iced! If I want a hot drink I usually go for coffee.

10. What's your favorite thing about your blog?
The name! After going through 3 blog name changes, I am in love with the title of my blog, just because I feel like it really encompasses everything. 

11. What is your favorite form of social media?
  1. Tweeter
  2. Instagram
  3. Tumblr
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Facebook

Just Let Me Rant.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Boys. I say they're dumb, but that isn't it. I just have found that they are the root of my problems for the past, ehh, month. Once you get over one, and move on to the next, the one before the one you just got over comes back. Does this make sense?

I call it "Guy's Radar." Why? Because no matter who he is to you, or was, guys always want to be the only guy in your life, even if you're not the only girl in their's. It's simple to them, just as they are complicated to us. It is so confusing. Back to the point: Guy's Radar, let's call this GR.

You like/talk to/hang out with/ whatever it is called these days with a guy. Maybe something happens, maybe it doesn't, but either way, nothing is "official." (Of course, it could have been official, but I am speaking from my own experience and I've never been "official" with a guy, hence non-official). Something happens, whether you go back to school and it is in a different city so the texts eventually stop (usually the case in my life), or they get back with their ex girlfriend (yep this happened too) or you just lose interest (oops), whatever there "was" stops. It doesn't just stop all of a sudden, it's a slow transition, but it stops. But it's fine because you saw it coming (or maybe you were completely blind sighted). Either way it happens, and you are left questioning "what if" until it happens all over again with someone else.

BUT THEN it begins. Once you think it is all over. It is just beginning. Now if you were to be "official" with this new guy, it would just be written off, because cheating is bad, and you should be happy and in a new relationship. But again, never gotten there because of this whole cycle of my life that has gone on since my sophomore year of high school. I am now a junior in college. I know. Welcome to my life. I know now what my friends mean when they say "I can't keep track of all the guys" because no, I am not a slut, but these guys just leave and then two years later come back, and I haven't forgotten them, but my friends have. Also I don't feel like giving them all fake names, so that is also a problem. Back to GR. So you start talking to this new guy, and everything is fine and dandy, and then it hits you. The Facebook notification, the Instagram like or follow, the favoriting of a tweet about the new guy or them, or worse: the snapchat.

This is GR. (said in the voice of the girl at the terminator when talking about SkyNet)

It is the guy telling you they are still there. It's like what poking used to be on Facebook. Do not even get me started on that. I could go on forever. Yes, my friends and I used to have poke wars in high school, but guys always said that if they poke you it means they want to sleep with you. So when you are a freshman in college and the guy you were basically in love with in high school pokes you, you freak out. But I digress.

Yes, GR has it's perks. Sometimes it is good to see that maybe time hasn't done them so well, or you know that the past 10 Instagrams show you at your best (but then again, why would you post a bad Insta). Either way, it can re assure you that the past is in the past.

Or you can be like me and have all these questions run through your head and question everything that has happened and is happening and then wonder what will happen next. Does this mean that the next time you see him everything will go back to the way it was? Will it be awkward? Is this a peace treaty?

I do not understand. If you do or would like more information/details, I would be happy to share them with you.

This Post Was SO Inevitable

Friday, March 21, 2014

"You're one of those acappella blog girls, and I'm one of those acappella guys blog girls, and we're going to have aca-children blog jokes. It's inevitable."

I went there. It's been waiting to happen. Today was just the day. It's Friday, so why not. Even though it is Friday and I am wearing gym clothes for my sorority's philanthropy, but it's fine. Don't put me down for cardio, I'll be over here horizontal running.

I decided I should probably do a life update post seeing as this weekend will most likely deliver 2 blog posts, maybe more, but I also haven't posted that much since spring break because, well, a ton of shit has been going on. To put it lightly."Bumper and Donald Kathryn gettin it. Mhmm. Gettin. It."
This post is going to be a lot for you if you've never seen Pitch Perfect because I can recite the whole movie if asked. So, keep that in mind.

I took Monday off of my internship because i didn't get in until like 11 o'clock Sunday night. "It's a funny story actually." I almost had a panic attack on the plane. Why? Because we didn't take off for 25 minutes because paper work hadn't been filed for take off. My first thought? That our plane was being hijacked. "Not a good enough use to use the word penetrate hijack." But it was. I am also pretty sure that the man sitting next to me was an airmarshall, so I guess that was calming? Either way, I already hate flying, so the pacing of the flight attendants did NOT help me.

I landed safely, and of course didn't sit next to any of the cute guys on my flight. I also had to watch the TV shows the showed because my phone was at 20% because I was Instagramming and what not at dinner with my parents before. I'm pretty sure I was the only one watching the shows but that's also beside the point.

Tuesday I had class. Wednesday I had my internship. Thursday I went to the marina GOT MY PHONE CAMERA FIXED ("Woah, bitch, no need to shout") because I know you were all so worried and had one class and then made posters for my sorority's event today. Which meant I was reunited with my littleeee which made me happy. Crushed it.

I also have a new internship but it isn't an internship, it's just another extracurricular. But I am bringing Her Campus to my chapter! So that is one of the reasons I haven't been posting that much. Well that, and I have been catching up on all my homework from break. OOPS. Sometimes I think I can do all of these things and then I think mhmm, better not.

Well, the ending is the best part. So there's my update.

Does this make me a "hiker"?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Benefits of going hiking in LA: you might casually walk by the house they film for the intro of Keeping up with The Kardashians. You might not even realize it until your dad points it out to you.
In case you are wondering, this is off of Fryman Canyon and supposedly they don't live here it's just the house they use to protect their safety even though the rest of their lives are already shared with the public, but that's besides the point. There ya go.

Hiking is my "new thing/" I put that in quotes because it's like that one time I wanted to be a YouTuber, or that other time I wanted to be a swimmer, or that other time I wanted to be a check out person at the grocery store. You know what I'm talking about. Life phases. But hopefully this one sticks because I actually like hiking. 
If you ever decide to hike Fryman canyon, right after the top there is an area where you can go up a little hill and then some stairs. DO IT. It will take you over to Coldwater Canyon and theres bathrooms and a pond and a beautiful view. Fun fact: over the bush, past the tree, behind that building, is my house.

Hiking selfie because if I didn't post it no one would know I actually went hiking... That and I wanted evidence of my dad hiking. Also yay for my new hat and no makeup!
After hiking we decided to go get juice because we live in LA and that's the cool thing to do after you hike, right?

Yes, my juice was called "YOLO." I am judging myself.
And then we went home and I made this delicious lunch because again I live in LA and I wanted to take advantage of the weather and my pool and how I don't have either of those things in San Francisco.
BUT THEN! My dad was on a hiking high. And I warned him this would happen. A hiking high is when you go hiking, and then after wards, feel like you can go hiking Mount Everest. I kid you not. It's all those endorphins! And so he looks at me and says, let's go to Runyon. Runyon Canyon is where all the celebrities go and girls wear real clothes because there are cute guys and it's just very weird, but it's a good hike. So we went. And I looked like a person going hiking. And there were cute guys. And I was with my dad.
But look at the view!
AND NO, it wasn't the foggy, that would be my camera. Which has water in it, I think, and makes everything look foggy and gross and underwater. Help.
This all happened on Friday. Like all I did on Friday. Well that and got crepes with my best friend.

But then Sunday, I went hiking again. Because "I am a hiker." And because it was Rachel's birthday and why not. We were originally supposed to go to Runyon but there was no parking and we got annoyed and I still had to go home and pack because I had a flight that night, so we went to Baldwin Hills and did the Baldwin Hills Overlook. I feel like we should've done the stairs, but maybe next time because I did not feel like I got a work out! Then again we were on a time crunch and didn't really have the much time to do a full hike but either way. Here is the view! You can see the ocean, Santa Monica, Culver City, Hollywood, and Downtown! It was really pretty and we asked like 10 people to take pictures of us. THANKS RANDOM PEOPLE!

And again, if we didn't take pictures while hiking, did we even go hiking?

By the time I posted this picture on Instagram, I think people were over my hiking-natureness because it didn't get that many likes. Yeah, I'm look at you.

And then since we live in LA, and it was Rachel's birthday, and I was hungry, we went to a vegan restaurant. I know. I KNOW. I looked at the waitress and said "Hi. I'm not vegan, gluten free, dairy free, nothing. I eat whatever, and I am hungry and want coffee. What is the equivalent to vegan half and half?" And she started laughing and said I'm not vegan either and I love half and half! Cool. My people. So I got iced coffee with like vanilla almond soy milk something who knows. It was kind of bitter, and definitely not half and half, but it was coffee! And then I got chia pudding, because YUM, and Rachel got kale salad because she's vegan and I hate kale. 

So there it is. I am "a hiker." Or I think I am. 

For other hikes in LA from people that are actual hikers, I like to look at modern hiker!


Monday, March 17, 2014

Mickey Mouse! Donald Duck! Spring Break turned into a blogging hiatus. SORRY! I got sunburnt so maybe that was karma. Who knows. So this week will be me recapping my spring break adventures, this should be fun.
DISNEYLAND! I have a season pass, but you knew that already. After our half day at CA Adventure and realizing we really didn't like CA Adventure, we went to Disneyland! There is something about Disneyland that makes it that much more magical when you go at opening. The park opens at a certain time, but Main Street is usually open about an hour before so you can go and eat breakfast, get coffee, get a locker, go to City Hall, all that fun stuff. At 9:00AM the voice came on throughout the park saying welcome to Disneyland, the park is now officially open. I know it doesn't sound that amazing, but I also turn into a 5 year old at Disneyland so, keep that in mind.

This is my house. Or, at least, the kids that go to the summer camp I am a counselor at think that it is. That's fine with me! Fun fact: for Miley Cyrus's 16th birthday, she stayed in the room that is in the castle. I wanted to do that, but I'm not a Disney Channel star so that made it kind of difficult.

We got there at opening, and went to Starbucks. (We went to Starbucks about 3 times because we were dehydrated and just wanted iced green tea. Oh well) My mom was at City Hall and I was getting our coffees when I over heard a little girl talking about the castle. Mind you this is right after I had just heard three teenaged girls say "Look how pretty Cinderella's castle is!" You can leave now. Wrong park. Wrong princess. Just, go. Anyways, so the little girl in starbucks looks at her mom and goes "why can't I visit Aurora in her castle?" *Props to the little child for knowing Sleeping Beauty's actual name*
The mom told her that she was sleeping and didn't want anyone to bother her. Then looked at her mother, I am assuming, and said that the castle is boring and she doesn't want the little girl to make her go in and up and down all the stairs. DO YOU KNOW HOW CLOSE I WAS TO TELLING THE LITTLE GIRL SHE COULD GO IN THE CASTLE? I almost took her myself. But I didn't. I just stood there, and let this mother lie to her child. Ugh. So rude.

BIG THUNDER MT WAS OPEN. But it was only open to the friends and family of cast members the day I went, and I don't know any cast members. But I changed that! My mom and I befriended almost everyone, and found out that they only got 4 tickets and had to go on the ride with whoever had the tickets, meaning they had to be off work. So there was a little problem in our plan. Oh well, now next time I have to go on!

In the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room, I ate pineapple dole whip. YUM. 

I'm sure I've been on Storybook but I don't remember and I always want to go but the line is always SO LONG and I feel like it isn't worth it. One day.

BEIGNETS! Or as the boy in line behind me said "bag-nets." And, of course, Mint Juleps. WARNING: Don't squeeze the lemon into your drink. It ruins the taste. It's just there for decor.

The turkey leg: before & after. (Between two people and this was the only protein we had all day. Totally fine with that!)

It isn't a Disney trip without Ice Cream! And I am pretty sure I ate my weight in ice cream. Okay, maybe not entirely, but basically.

THIS IS A CREAM CHEESE FILLED PRETZEL. They only sell them at one cart by Small World and they are $4 and they are heavenly. I never go to Disneyland without getting one. You will also crave them at random times. Like right now, while I write about them.

As we were leaving Fantasy Land, we saw the evil queen from Snow White (aka my mom's second favorite villain) and we got in line to take pictures. She is covering my shirt because I was wearing a Cinderella shirt and she said "Well I don't like princesses, so here, let me fix your shirt." If I were to be a character at Disneyland I would audition to be her. Or one of the evil step sisters. They are always so sassy and hilarious. I love it.

We were leaving the park. And I was telling my mom how much fun I had. And mind you we had only taken pictures with the evil queen because the line for Captain American literally wasn't moving, and then I saw her. She is a new Cinderella and she is so good with kids and she is SO much nicer than the old Cinderella (because I have met like the past 3 because I have a problem, again I turn into a 5 year old) and she asked me if her fairy godmother made my shirt because it was her face. SO PERFECT. Good job, Cinderella. You can stay. ALSO note our heights. Yeah, I'm Disney Princess height. It's 5'7 if you were wondering. I'm 5'8. It can happen. Maybe. Who knows, she was totally a brunette. Look at those brows.

And last but not least, I got the limited edition annual passport holder pin! They come out with one of these every year and make 2,500 of them but you have to be a pass holder and I never was, so TADA! I got it! And I didn't add it to my pin lanyard because I don't want to trade it... ever. So yeah. 

My two days at Disney were magical and I am so glad I got to go over break! Thanks mom for putting up with me and how crazy I get at Disneyland! We were able to get on all our favorite rides, especially Indiana Jones which is going to be closed for refurbishment this month!

And None for CA Adventure. BYE

Thursday, March 13, 2014

If you follow me on any form of social media, I would first like to thank you for putting up with my constant posting and ranting. Second, you would know I went to Disneyland for two days! I have a season pass so this may not be surprising but I usually go with my best friend who also has a pass, but this time I went with my mom! She got the two days- 1 park per day pass, which we assumed meant we had to go to both parks. FALSE. We could have done Disneyland both days. But that's besides the point. This trip just reassured me that I really don't like CA Adventure and I really love Disneyland.

We didn't get there until like noon which was fine because we slept in, drove down, got a hotel, and ate breakfast. Totally fine with me seeing as there are only like two rides in CA Adventure that I actually like. 

I don't like CA Adventure because it's super split up, there aren't any lands, and to be honest, it isn't magical. There is something about Disneyland that just makes me smile. (I will get more into this in my post about Disneyland) Whatever it is, CA Adventure doesn't have it.

I do love CarsLand though...
And I also love the Starbucks in CA Adventure, although Disneyland now has one too!

I am also a huge fan of the Toy Story Mania game, but only because I've gotten really good at it.
FACT: I always win at Astro Blasters at Disneyland.

I win!

Monday night we got dinner in downtown Disney and OMG it was delicious.

Disneyland itself has the greatest food for theme parks/just really good food in general, but I don't like any of the places I've tried at CA Adventure. Mind you, I haven't gone to Ariel's Grotto, so I can't say that I have tried everything.

FUN STORY TIME! (That you already know if you follow me on Twitter) While we were at dinner, a woman was making balloon animals. The table next to us had two kids. One boy and one girl. The boy got a sword, and I didn't hear what the girl asked for. She started making it upside down and I thought it was a palm tree. Next thing I know the palm tree has red hair and was Ariel from The Little Mermaid. MIND BLOWN. I want to learn how to make balloon animals. Let me know if you know someone who can teach me.

After dinner, we headed back to the park for World of Color, but decided to go back to CarsLand... again. Because it is one of the few fun things in CA Adventure.

And then we saw World of Color.

And it was magical.

And we ate churros.

Moral of the story is: CA Adventure is not Disneyland. It's just another theme park. I'm sorry. Yes, it is ranked above several other theme parks in my book, but if I don't have to go back to CA Adventure for awhile, I'll be happy. It isn't magical, it has a weird vibe, and I just don't know how I feel about it. I also don't like wearing my ears there. So that's saying something
(Mickey Mouse ears... that is)

Stay tuned for my post about the magical land of Disney!