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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Boys. I say they're dumb, but that isn't it. I just have found that they are the root of my problems for the past, ehh, month. Once you get over one, and move on to the next, the one before the one you just got over comes back. Does this make sense?

I call it "Guy's Radar." Why? Because no matter who he is to you, or was, guys always want to be the only guy in your life, even if you're not the only girl in their's. It's simple to them, just as they are complicated to us. It is so confusing. Back to the point: Guy's Radar, let's call this GR.

You like/talk to/hang out with/ whatever it is called these days with a guy. Maybe something happens, maybe it doesn't, but either way, nothing is "official." (Of course, it could have been official, but I am speaking from my own experience and I've never been "official" with a guy, hence non-official). Something happens, whether you go back to school and it is in a different city so the texts eventually stop (usually the case in my life), or they get back with their ex girlfriend (yep this happened too) or you just lose interest (oops), whatever there "was" stops. It doesn't just stop all of a sudden, it's a slow transition, but it stops. But it's fine because you saw it coming (or maybe you were completely blind sighted). Either way it happens, and you are left questioning "what if" until it happens all over again with someone else.

BUT THEN it begins. Once you think it is all over. It is just beginning. Now if you were to be "official" with this new guy, it would just be written off, because cheating is bad, and you should be happy and in a new relationship. But again, never gotten there because of this whole cycle of my life that has gone on since my sophomore year of high school. I am now a junior in college. I know. Welcome to my life. I know now what my friends mean when they say "I can't keep track of all the guys" because no, I am not a slut, but these guys just leave and then two years later come back, and I haven't forgotten them, but my friends have. Also I don't feel like giving them all fake names, so that is also a problem. Back to GR. So you start talking to this new guy, and everything is fine and dandy, and then it hits you. The Facebook notification, the Instagram like or follow, the favoriting of a tweet about the new guy or them, or worse: the snapchat.

This is GR. (said in the voice of the girl at the terminator when talking about SkyNet)

It is the guy telling you they are still there. It's like what poking used to be on Facebook. Do not even get me started on that. I could go on forever. Yes, my friends and I used to have poke wars in high school, but guys always said that if they poke you it means they want to sleep with you. So when you are a freshman in college and the guy you were basically in love with in high school pokes you, you freak out. But I digress.

Yes, GR has it's perks. Sometimes it is good to see that maybe time hasn't done them so well, or you know that the past 10 Instagrams show you at your best (but then again, why would you post a bad Insta). Either way, it can re assure you that the past is in the past.

Or you can be like me and have all these questions run through your head and question everything that has happened and is happening and then wonder what will happen next. Does this mean that the next time you see him everything will go back to the way it was? Will it be awkward? Is this a peace treaty?

I do not understand. If you do or would like more information/details, I would be happy to share them with you.

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  1. This is hilarious and I know GR too well - seriously. This is your life story? Oh, hey, mine too. Boys are too confusing and some of them haven't really gone away, but they definitely need to! :/


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