Wish List Wednesday

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

In lieu of current events, aka my bank account decreasing at a rapid speed as a result to my brunch obsession, I have decided to make a wish list. Not only of things, but of places, and food, well, just tacos. Also, I apologize for the randomness of posts this week. It's midterms week and I can't seem to wrap my head around more than listicles and random thoughts.

-Tacos. I've been craving them for like two weeks now.
Side Note: When I am home in LA next week I really want to find some good tacos, so let me know if you have any recommendations!
-New York, it's always the answer.

-Vineyard Vines

-Puffer Vest

 -Nars Ita Brush and Sheer Glow Foundation

-New Phone

-New Clarisonic Brush Heads


-Kate Spade Book Clutch

-Southern Shirt Company Shirt (seeing as my Theta one got weird in the wash, ugh)

-White converse, but can I get ones that will like, never get dirty? I don't think I can handle the stress of white converse.

If you've read this far, cross your fingers and toes because maybe next week I will have an update on my love life. WHAT? I know.


  1. Ugh I'm glad I'm not the only one who is super excited for Taco Bell breakfast! I know where I'll be the morning that they start that.

    Does the clairesonic actually work?? I've always kind of been interested in getting one but I'm afraid it'll make me break out like crazy first since it's opening up my pores.

    And yes, New York is always the answer.

  3. Ugh, you're killin me with this post. Now I desperately want tacos and a pair of white converse!

  4. TACOS. Come to AZ and we can have taco night!

  5. Awkward question. What size do you wear? I think I have a few puffer like vests in my closet that I will never wear, despite the fact that I love them.


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