Monday, March 17, 2014

Mickey Mouse! Donald Duck! Spring Break turned into a blogging hiatus. SORRY! I got sunburnt so maybe that was karma. Who knows. So this week will be me recapping my spring break adventures, this should be fun.
DISNEYLAND! I have a season pass, but you knew that already. After our half day at CA Adventure and realizing we really didn't like CA Adventure, we went to Disneyland! There is something about Disneyland that makes it that much more magical when you go at opening. The park opens at a certain time, but Main Street is usually open about an hour before so you can go and eat breakfast, get coffee, get a locker, go to City Hall, all that fun stuff. At 9:00AM the voice came on throughout the park saying welcome to Disneyland, the park is now officially open. I know it doesn't sound that amazing, but I also turn into a 5 year old at Disneyland so, keep that in mind.

This is my house. Or, at least, the kids that go to the summer camp I am a counselor at think that it is. That's fine with me! Fun fact: for Miley Cyrus's 16th birthday, she stayed in the room that is in the castle. I wanted to do that, but I'm not a Disney Channel star so that made it kind of difficult.

We got there at opening, and went to Starbucks. (We went to Starbucks about 3 times because we were dehydrated and just wanted iced green tea. Oh well) My mom was at City Hall and I was getting our coffees when I over heard a little girl talking about the castle. Mind you this is right after I had just heard three teenaged girls say "Look how pretty Cinderella's castle is!" You can leave now. Wrong park. Wrong princess. Just, go. Anyways, so the little girl in starbucks looks at her mom and goes "why can't I visit Aurora in her castle?" *Props to the little child for knowing Sleeping Beauty's actual name*
The mom told her that she was sleeping and didn't want anyone to bother her. Then looked at her mother, I am assuming, and said that the castle is boring and she doesn't want the little girl to make her go in and up and down all the stairs. DO YOU KNOW HOW CLOSE I WAS TO TELLING THE LITTLE GIRL SHE COULD GO IN THE CASTLE? I almost took her myself. But I didn't. I just stood there, and let this mother lie to her child. Ugh. So rude.

BIG THUNDER MT WAS OPEN. But it was only open to the friends and family of cast members the day I went, and I don't know any cast members. But I changed that! My mom and I befriended almost everyone, and found out that they only got 4 tickets and had to go on the ride with whoever had the tickets, meaning they had to be off work. So there was a little problem in our plan. Oh well, now next time I have to go on!

In the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room, I ate pineapple dole whip. YUM. 

I'm sure I've been on Storybook but I don't remember and I always want to go but the line is always SO LONG and I feel like it isn't worth it. One day.

BEIGNETS! Or as the boy in line behind me said "bag-nets." And, of course, Mint Juleps. WARNING: Don't squeeze the lemon into your drink. It ruins the taste. It's just there for decor.

The turkey leg: before & after. (Between two people and this was the only protein we had all day. Totally fine with that!)

It isn't a Disney trip without Ice Cream! And I am pretty sure I ate my weight in ice cream. Okay, maybe not entirely, but basically.

THIS IS A CREAM CHEESE FILLED PRETZEL. They only sell them at one cart by Small World and they are $4 and they are heavenly. I never go to Disneyland without getting one. You will also crave them at random times. Like right now, while I write about them.

As we were leaving Fantasy Land, we saw the evil queen from Snow White (aka my mom's second favorite villain) and we got in line to take pictures. She is covering my shirt because I was wearing a Cinderella shirt and she said "Well I don't like princesses, so here, let me fix your shirt." If I were to be a character at Disneyland I would audition to be her. Or one of the evil step sisters. They are always so sassy and hilarious. I love it.

We were leaving the park. And I was telling my mom how much fun I had. And mind you we had only taken pictures with the evil queen because the line for Captain American literally wasn't moving, and then I saw her. She is a new Cinderella and she is so good with kids and she is SO much nicer than the old Cinderella (because I have met like the past 3 because I have a problem, again I turn into a 5 year old) and she asked me if her fairy godmother made my shirt because it was her face. SO PERFECT. Good job, Cinderella. You can stay. ALSO note our heights. Yeah, I'm Disney Princess height. It's 5'7 if you were wondering. I'm 5'8. It can happen. Maybe. Who knows, she was totally a brunette. Look at those brows.

And last but not least, I got the limited edition annual passport holder pin! They come out with one of these every year and make 2,500 of them but you have to be a pass holder and I never was, so TADA! I got it! And I didn't add it to my pin lanyard because I don't want to trade it... ever. So yeah. 

My two days at Disney were magical and I am so glad I got to go over break! Thanks mom for putting up with me and how crazy I get at Disneyland! We were able to get on all our favorite rides, especially Indiana Jones which is going to be closed for refurbishment this month!


  1. Ah I am so jealous!! I absolutely love & am obsessed with everything Disney.
    I have never been to Disneyland but I have gone to Disney World countless time. I was even lucky enough to go to Disney Paris. (Totally obsessed)
    So glad you had a great time - I'm so jealous though!

  2. I'm so jealous you have a season pass! We're going to have to go sometime during the summer!!

  3. wait I want to go / come visit and see this place it looks pretty much the same as florida's but obv so much better

  4. I read every single word of this haha. I love Disneyland so much, this made me so excited even though I'm not going and sooo nostalgic. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being there at opening, it's really so magical (how many times can I use that word in this comment, lets see) and so much better than just entering when it's already bustling. I am totally with you on the Cinderella's Castle comment...someone needs to see such people out of the park because THAT'S JUST OFFENSIVE OK? You HAVE to go on Storybook sometime, it's really charming and sometimes I get teary eyed because I'm so nostalgic on it haha. I always eat a turkey leg when I'm there. Always. And I've never heard of those pretzels!! This has to happen next time I'm there. I have to get my pass back...I can't believe it's been so long since I had one :[ But they're so worth it!

  5. What a fun trip!! Disney for life.
    Also Miley is a lucky b.


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