Facebook vs. Text

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The internal debate. I know we all do it. I probably just over think it more than the average girl person.
It is his or her birthday. You haven't talked in amount of day months, and possibly years. If it is years, I say lean more towards the Facebook post which will result in a like, and not a "so what have you been doing since I talked to you last in 8th grade?"
Let's do this.

1. I would post on Facebook, but I don't want to get caught up between 30 or 40 more notifications and then they never see it.
2. What if I just get a "like" and not even a comment back saying "thanks" does that mean they don't care anymore? Or what if they do comment and then we have this whole conversation for all of Facebook to see?
3. I haven't talked to them in awhile though, what if they changed their number?
4. And they might be getting a ton of texts too and not even bother responding to me!
5. But at least for their text messages I know they will check it, like they might not even check Facebook.
6. Okay, they'll probably check Facebook, this is 2014, but still.
7. Do I add a smiley face? Do I use an emoji?

8.  How many "y"s do I put at the end of "birthday"? How many exclamation points starts to seem desperate? 

9. Do I ask a question like "how is school going?" or assume it is going fine and say "hope school is going well!"
10. But then I have like 3 exclamation points in ten words. I can't seem to excited, it might come off as desperate.

In case you were wondering, I sent a text. Two exclamation points and a "Hope school is going well"
All that worry for nothing everything.


  1. The "heyy" is soooo accurate! Hahaaha, I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Haha you are most certainly not the only one that has this internal debate on the reg!


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