I'm Dating A Vampire

Monday, May 12, 2014

The facts all line up. It makes sense. I've decided. "The boy" is a vampire. Either that or an alien, but I don't know how to prove that, except for if his blood is green, which is how Erika said you can tell, but I don't know that.

Also, if he is a vampire, he isn't like Edward Cullen, he's like the Salvatores. But he doesn't wear a ring or anything.. so there's flaws, but the first time he came over, I had to invite him in for him to come inside. Coincidence? I think not.

Thankfully, I gave the majority of my reasons on Twitter, so let's use those:
Okay, here it goes...

This morning he came over after his interview, because supposedly last week when he told me about his interview I told him to come over after. I'm sorry, that was last week. It is finals. I didn't realize that was a thing, like I say something once and it's a go. But clearly that's how his mind works, so okay. 

The only time I've actually witness him eat was at the Giants game and even then we just got like stadium food/snacks and shared. But like he's told me he was going to eat or just ate before! Like he has asked me what he should get for lunch at least three times. And he always chooses normal places! Like he's gone to in n out or wing stop! 

But then today, I hinted that I was going to get food with my friends and he was like well I'm getting lunch with my brother before class. So then are they both vampires?! 
I haven't met the brother before so I don't have evidence for that one.

I brought this up to my parents when I wanted to et brunch on Saturday but he said he ate a big dinner the night before, like I wake up hungry even after big dinners because that's like 9 hours later.. And my dad told me that guys are normally always hungry, not like hungry but like they'll always eat, which has been my previous experience even with just like guy friends!

And then the last time he had work in the afternoon so I offered to make him food. I WAS GOING TO COOK FOR HIM! And he still said no...

So this is my current reasoning. That and it makes sense why he doesn't really talk about his past. Like he's told me about his past but there's gaps.. I wonder why.... Okay, or maybe he just doesn't want to eat in front of me because he's a picky eater, but I already knew that. My favorite food is tacos. He likes tacos. Will someone tell this guy to just take me out to eat tacos?! Or any food? Like we can order a plain cheese pizza. I won't complain at this point.

I should probably go finish my finals/essays. I just can't not think about this now. What do you think?
Also- update: still haven't met his family but he met my roommate today!

Also, thank goodness he doesn't have a Twitter, I don't know what I would do.


  1. LOL. I love this. I think you should totally go for it if he's like the Salvatores! I'm glad I'm not the only vampire paranoid one! Does he sleep??

  2. LOL you're too funny! I can see how this would be sketchy, but last night J saw me eat for the first was an Oreo. Maybe he's like me and just plain weird? I kind of get anxiety/nausea eating in front of a guy I like, maybe he does too?

  3. omg this is hilarious. I really hope he's not a vampire. Also who the EFF tursn down brunch?

  4. hahaha this is too funny! Maybe he has like IBS or something weird like that and thats why he doesnt want to eat in front of you?!

  5. OMG this is SO weird! The foodie I am would drop him on a whim. Maybe he's trying to save money? ;)

  6. Don't trust it. Food over everything haha.


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