On Wednesdays I go on museum dates

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I'm starting this post by saying that I actually really like day-dates. Is that a thing? It should be a thing. Regardless, today I had a day-date. Have I given the guy I'm dating a name yet? I think I did but that makes it seem like it isn't a real thing and if you follow me on Instagram I tag him in things, so it doesn't make sense to make a fake name.
Anyways, he came over this morning, and let me just start by saying that he was supposed to come over at 10:30 and so I set my alarm for 9:01. This would give me time to slowly wake up, check the social medias, and then leisurely get ready so I wouldn't be stressed or anxious. Right? NO. He texted me at like 9:20, right after I had just washed my face and brushed my teeth, "Just left the house, should be there around 10." Excuse me, WHAT?! Commence panic attack. I responded to his text with "OMG" to which he probably thought I didn't think he was actually coming over, or something else because he responded with "what?" I told him I was getting ready. I mean I was beginning to get ready, but that's the same thing right? After rushing to get ready, he texted me and told me I had time because he got stuck in traffic. Panicked for nothing, what else is new? He got here a little after 10, but I was ready so it was fine. We hung out in my apartment for a little bit and then headed over to the Presidio because we're both Disney fans so obviously we had to go to the Disney Family Museum.
I honestly had so much fun, like we're past the awkward like "do we hold hands?" or "omg he put his arm around me" and it was super natural and comfortable. For a museum date, let's just say it was perfect. And the fact that it was Disney made it that much better. Yes, that is what I instagrammed, and he posted a similar picture too. My mom wanted us to take a picture in the Presidio because, hi that would have been adorable, and we only have one picture together, but we didn't so now it's just an excuse to go back. And then he left because he had class, but he got stuck in traffic and didn't go. And I was sad because we could have been cute and spent the day together, but it's okay, I had work anyways. 

Minor story time: In the museum, there's a huge window where you can see the golden gate bridge and I was standing in front of it and then realized he was trying to take a picture, so I apologized, and went to get out of the way. He looked super confused and I was like what? He wanted to take a picture of me not looking and then have the bridge in the background. I thought it was super cute, aha. But overall it was a lot of fun so yay to another successful date!

Also, random side note, this was my horoscope today:

"A date with a significant other could bring up discussions about plans for the future, Virgo. Talk could run the gamut of all your concerns, from the practical to the artistic to business to philosophical matters. The overall impact of this might be that it brings the two of you closer together. You might decide to partner on some kind of creative project."

And like, we talked about what we're going to do over summer... like that's kind of scary. My horoscope is usually super vague. Not this time. Kinda creepy. But the talk we had was actually really good and it's weird because usually it's hard to talk about the "what are we" or "what is this" but with him it's super easy, and we're both on the same page so it's not that awkward of a conversation to have.

So yes, that was my day! Besides this the only thing going on in my life is finals, so this is what I decide to blog about. Sorry not sorry.

Hope you had a fantastic Wednesday!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful date, I wish there was more exciting stuff to do here I love day dates.

  2. He's artsy!! If he's taking pictures like that, he's artsy, y'all are the perfect artsy couple. CONGRATS! Hahaha. Ps - your horoscope...if I could add in the emoji that looks like he's in shock half blue half yellow dude, I WOULD.


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