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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

As you may or may not know, I am an Instagram addict. See post here. There, I said it. 
That is relevant to this post, I promise. This past weekend was my sorority's first ever Family Weekend. The goal of the weekend was to tour the city and adventure with your family, and post it to Facebook with certain hashtags. Person with the most amount of pictures with hashtags won. How many times can I say hashtags in this post. 

My parents came in Friday night, and we headed to Bambino's for an early dinner and then back to school for "Family Weekend Kickoff."

My mom was very excited about her Theta shirt, to say the least!
That night, Christine and Javi came over for movie night aka me yelling at "Blackfish," watching the first 15 minutes of Frozen and the singing parts of Pitch Perfect.
The next morning my parents and I met up with their friends at Nopa and YUM, but it's always delicious. We also had mimosas and french toast for appetizers. Why not.
The tourist stops began with Alamo Square.

From Alamo Square (Painted Ladies, Full House house) we went to Twin Peaks....
AND THEN THESE HOTTIES GOT OFF A TOUR BUS. My dad had to remind me to breathe. It was bad.
Caught taking a panorama. WHOOPS.
Close up of our shirts. Ooooh, aaaaah.
On to the next stop! We went to the mosaic stairs, and HI they are gorgeous. Random for the neighborhood, but so beautiful!

We also went to Lands End and a ton of places in Golden Gate Park and on Haight, but then got tired. Like REALLY tired. So we retreated to my apartment/the dorms for a 20 minute nap aka my parents took a nap in my bed and I drank coffee.
Then we went to dinner at Pier 39 and looked super duper cute, if I do say so myself.

After dinner, I was tired and wanted to go home, but my dad started getting competitive. We made some pitstops on the way home for pictures, and ended up at the Star Wars Museum in the presidio.

The next day was award day and I DIDN'T WIN. I KNOW I'M STILL UPSET ABOUT IT. So what do you do when you're upset? You go shopping.

Post shopping/Costco/Trader Joes, we headed to Sausalito and ate at.. wait for it, Salsalito. AH! How cute is that. We got tacos, surprise, surprise. And margaritas made out of wine! What?

And then the rain came, and my parents left. But all in all I had an incredible weekend!


  1. All the food you instagram makes me hungry on a daily basis. #notadrill.

  2. You pictures....[heart eye emoji]!!! This looks so fun, I wish we'd had something like this at my school. Is that picture with your friend + giant sock bun thing at H&M? Because it looks like an H&M product/the 9.95 sign in the background looks like ours. Also you're super pretty.

  3. Sounds like an amazing weekend!! I miss San Fran so much, it's so pretty up there!

  4. The Full House / Painted Ladies are on my "must see" list!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes


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