Does this make me a "hiker"?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Benefits of going hiking in LA: you might casually walk by the house they film for the intro of Keeping up with The Kardashians. You might not even realize it until your dad points it out to you.
In case you are wondering, this is off of Fryman Canyon and supposedly they don't live here it's just the house they use to protect their safety even though the rest of their lives are already shared with the public, but that's besides the point. There ya go.

Hiking is my "new thing/" I put that in quotes because it's like that one time I wanted to be a YouTuber, or that other time I wanted to be a swimmer, or that other time I wanted to be a check out person at the grocery store. You know what I'm talking about. Life phases. But hopefully this one sticks because I actually like hiking. 
If you ever decide to hike Fryman canyon, right after the top there is an area where you can go up a little hill and then some stairs. DO IT. It will take you over to Coldwater Canyon and theres bathrooms and a pond and a beautiful view. Fun fact: over the bush, past the tree, behind that building, is my house.

Hiking selfie because if I didn't post it no one would know I actually went hiking... That and I wanted evidence of my dad hiking. Also yay for my new hat and no makeup!
After hiking we decided to go get juice because we live in LA and that's the cool thing to do after you hike, right?

Yes, my juice was called "YOLO." I am judging myself.
And then we went home and I made this delicious lunch because again I live in LA and I wanted to take advantage of the weather and my pool and how I don't have either of those things in San Francisco.
BUT THEN! My dad was on a hiking high. And I warned him this would happen. A hiking high is when you go hiking, and then after wards, feel like you can go hiking Mount Everest. I kid you not. It's all those endorphins! And so he looks at me and says, let's go to Runyon. Runyon Canyon is where all the celebrities go and girls wear real clothes because there are cute guys and it's just very weird, but it's a good hike. So we went. And I looked like a person going hiking. And there were cute guys. And I was with my dad.
But look at the view!
AND NO, it wasn't the foggy, that would be my camera. Which has water in it, I think, and makes everything look foggy and gross and underwater. Help.
This all happened on Friday. Like all I did on Friday. Well that and got crepes with my best friend.

But then Sunday, I went hiking again. Because "I am a hiker." And because it was Rachel's birthday and why not. We were originally supposed to go to Runyon but there was no parking and we got annoyed and I still had to go home and pack because I had a flight that night, so we went to Baldwin Hills and did the Baldwin Hills Overlook. I feel like we should've done the stairs, but maybe next time because I did not feel like I got a work out! Then again we were on a time crunch and didn't really have the much time to do a full hike but either way. Here is the view! You can see the ocean, Santa Monica, Culver City, Hollywood, and Downtown! It was really pretty and we asked like 10 people to take pictures of us. THANKS RANDOM PEOPLE!

And again, if we didn't take pictures while hiking, did we even go hiking?

By the time I posted this picture on Instagram, I think people were over my hiking-natureness because it didn't get that many likes. Yeah, I'm look at you.

And then since we live in LA, and it was Rachel's birthday, and I was hungry, we went to a vegan restaurant. I know. I KNOW. I looked at the waitress and said "Hi. I'm not vegan, gluten free, dairy free, nothing. I eat whatever, and I am hungry and want coffee. What is the equivalent to vegan half and half?" And she started laughing and said I'm not vegan either and I love half and half! Cool. My people. So I got iced coffee with like vanilla almond soy milk something who knows. It was kind of bitter, and definitely not half and half, but it was coffee! And then I got chia pudding, because YUM, and Rachel got kale salad because she's vegan and I hate kale. 

So there it is. I am "a hiker." Or I think I am. 

For other hikes in LA from people that are actual hikers, I like to look at modern hiker!


  1. How fun!! I LOVE HIKING!!! I never did it when I lived in Orange County because I didn't know any trails but I think I really missed out. It looks like you had a blast!

  2. I wanna live in LA!! Have you met any Celebs? #notadrill

  3. You make it look so fun and chic; now I want to be a hiker! Except I only like being outside when it involves shopping at the outlets or brunches on patios. Maybe I should start with something smaller, like walking the track at the park
    From Mississippi With Love

  4. I want to go hiking so bad! And the LA (or Hollywood, whatever it's called) look like a good hike!!!

  5. I liked that picture...haha. But I am so obsessed with the one of you and your dad ahahhah. THE BEST. These views are gorgeous, when I move to LA I'll have to try some of these hikes too! Because I love hiking also. And chia pudding is the best. Just saying.


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