This Post Was SO Inevitable

Friday, March 21, 2014

"You're one of those acappella blog girls, and I'm one of those acappella guys blog girls, and we're going to have aca-children blog jokes. It's inevitable."

I went there. It's been waiting to happen. Today was just the day. It's Friday, so why not. Even though it is Friday and I am wearing gym clothes for my sorority's philanthropy, but it's fine. Don't put me down for cardio, I'll be over here horizontal running.

I decided I should probably do a life update post seeing as this weekend will most likely deliver 2 blog posts, maybe more, but I also haven't posted that much since spring break because, well, a ton of shit has been going on. To put it lightly."Bumper and Donald Kathryn gettin it. Mhmm. Gettin. It."
This post is going to be a lot for you if you've never seen Pitch Perfect because I can recite the whole movie if asked. So, keep that in mind.

I took Monday off of my internship because i didn't get in until like 11 o'clock Sunday night. "It's a funny story actually." I almost had a panic attack on the plane. Why? Because we didn't take off for 25 minutes because paper work hadn't been filed for take off. My first thought? That our plane was being hijacked. "Not a good enough use to use the word penetrate hijack." But it was. I am also pretty sure that the man sitting next to me was an airmarshall, so I guess that was calming? Either way, I already hate flying, so the pacing of the flight attendants did NOT help me.

I landed safely, and of course didn't sit next to any of the cute guys on my flight. I also had to watch the TV shows the showed because my phone was at 20% because I was Instagramming and what not at dinner with my parents before. I'm pretty sure I was the only one watching the shows but that's also beside the point.

Tuesday I had class. Wednesday I had my internship. Thursday I went to the marina GOT MY PHONE CAMERA FIXED ("Woah, bitch, no need to shout") because I know you were all so worried and had one class and then made posters for my sorority's event today. Which meant I was reunited with my littleeee which made me happy. Crushed it.

I also have a new internship but it isn't an internship, it's just another extracurricular. But I am bringing Her Campus to my chapter! So that is one of the reasons I haven't been posting that much. Well that, and I have been catching up on all my homework from break. OOPS. Sometimes I think I can do all of these things and then I think mhmm, better not.

Well, the ending is the best part. So there's my update.


  1. ugh come to arizona so we can watch pitch perfect together aca-please

  2. Hahah this is great!!

  3. I've never seen Pitch Perfect lol. But this was still amusing! Don't you just love being the only person on board watching the shows? I feel so productive ha. But good luck with everything you're up to these days! Especially bringing Her Campus to your chapter, that's so awesome :]


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