Meet My Valentine, Netflix

Friday, February 14, 2014

I jumped the gun and celebrated Valentine's Day yesterday. OOPS. In my defense, I read that St. Valentine's day, not Hallmark's Valentine's Day, can be celebrated at any time of the year! I chose to move it up a day/celebrate the whole weekend!

Last night, my sorority had our date party of the semester, and we went to the movies! This means we literally took over the movie theatre. #ThetaTakeover. We saw "That Awkward Moment." Don't go see it. Don't do it. Yes, there were funny parts, but I would not have paid money to see that movie. No offense to the actors, I would date Zac or Miles in a HEART BEAT, it just wasn't as good as I expected. I brought my friend Eric and I had a large Icee and popcorn. All I needed to make be happy.

I came home to watch Netflix (I finished the first season of The West Wing uhm hi that was intense, and watched the first three episodes of House of Cards. AMAZING.) And I plan to finish the season this weekend. OOPS. I'll probably then watch the first season again, because I am obsessed. Also, there are some parallels in House of Cards and The West Wing in names of Chief Justices and congressmen. Just putting that out there. I watch too much Netflix.

My plans for today include getting a heart shaped bagel, going to work, watching House of Cards, and then having a nice weekend with my friends! Oh and catching up on homework and writing Tuesdays blog post etc, etc... I really don't have a feeling towards Valentine's Day seeing as I have never had a date on Valentine's Day, but I mean I wouldn't complain if someone gave me flowers and I really love the cards and Starbucks gift cards (THAKS MOM!).

Hope you all have a LOVELY weekend. See what I did there?!


  1. Looks like Netflixs gets around to all single girl bloggers... Gotta love the pun, I saw what you did there lol ;)

    1. I didn't go to sleep until like 4 am watching House of Cards... I have a problem

  2. I LOVE YOU. I saw the Awkward Moment and I thought it was funny but it dragged out and I got bored. But Miles Teller is my main man because he's perfect in Footloose.

    did I mention I love you? lololol don't get murdered

  3. I also watched Netflix on Valentines day! I watched a could movies and then went on to Amazon Prime to watch Degrassi!


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