Add a little mojo

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I wanted the title of this post to be "Add a little mojo in your step" but I felt like that was too long, hence the abbreviated title above. Oops. Oh, and happy hump day!

Before I get into my new motivation, I wanted to do a rant post about the gym. Why? Because I feel like these two things go together, and I'm feeling rant-y. Yeah, I just made that a word...

Also, thank you thank you to Caitlyn for sending me some of these GIFs!

1. I usually go to the gym after work/class, meaning I am going to be wearing makeup. I am usually too lazy to take off my makeup to go to the gym, becuase that would mean that I would literally get ready to go to the gym. Like, I'm soryr. I'm not going to take off my makeup, so don't judge me for wearing makeup to the gym, because I was too lazy to take it off. I.e.: In Pitch Perfect when they are all wearing makeup looking fabulous, I mean hi she is wearing a skirt, because they clearly just got out of class.

2. Going off the above, I won't intentionally put on makeup to go to the gym. I'm not trying to meet my future boyfriend when I go to the gym (LOL, that is itself is a joke.) If you do, good for you, that is just an extra amount of effort I am not willing to put in, when I am just going to sweat it off. Sorry if you didn't need to know that, but it's the gym. I'm just being honest here...


3. I don't go to the gym in a bathing suit. Bathing suit being sarcastic for bra and ass shorts. I am not trying to get attention at the gym. From guys or girls! I'm going to look gross and sweaty and I don't want anyone to look at me. Nope. No thank you. Don't watch me on the treadmil, I might fall off...

4. One time to the gym won't make me, or you, look like Beyonce. I mean if that's what you think, sure, keep dreaming girlfriend (boyfriend? do any guys read this?) Please don't tell me how good I am going to look in the morning, I'm looking at you spin teacher. Yeah, you.

5. I can never get the right hairstyle. Kathryn you just said you don't want to look good. I hate ponytails because they sway. No swaying. Buns come undone. Ugh, so frustrating. 


Hopefully you can relate to some of these, or now you have more to add to the list of why you think I am crazy. I like both. Also, I need to make a new workout playlist that isn't just "Partition" by Beyonce and "Talk Dirty to Me" by Jason DeRulo on repeat... What are you go to running/spinning/eliptical songs?

On that note of motivation...

I am currently obsessed with finding new design bloggers because I just got Pixelmator and so I am looking for inspiration, and ayways, I found Breanna at Breanna Rose and now have new wallpapers for my laptop, iPad, and iPhone. YAY new stuff!

My computer and iPad backgroun

My phone background 


  1. I actually really like the feel of the ponytail sway when I'm working out, but I'm weird, so yeah.

    And i agree with the makeup thing. People are constantly complaining about girls wearing makeup at the gym, but it's not like we put it on to go there.

    1. The ponytail sway drives me insane! I'm wearing one right now and I have it off to the side just so it won't move aha

  2. hahhaha I LOVE YOU. But seriously how funny would this be if you actually did meet your future man love at the gym?

    1. That would be kind of cool at least because then he would have approached me when I look like my worst, so I mean, eh, maybe! aha

  3. I hate going to the gym! EVERYONE stares at you, or at least I feel like they do so I'm just like, can I go hide in a corner? Lol. And I downloaded Pixelmator too! And I LOOOOOVE IT!

    1. Okay, cool, so you can give me a crash course? I am actually terrible at it


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