I thought I was Cady, I am actually Andy

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Actually, why would I need a name tag, I have a badge. Anyways, I really thought we were getting to the point in my internship where I would have needed to wear my name tag/badge dinglehopper so that people would remember my name. FALSE. They know my name! Well, let's just say the majority know my name, and I have a theory for the other one.... Work with me here, I am no long Cady Heron, I am now Andy. It is too perfect. I can't believe I didn't figure this out earlier.

I got to work, 3 minutes early, get at me, and the mysterious man who is never at his desk so I take his, was there. What? Why. So I went to the back office which is like down the hall and kind of a cave, so it was nice, and then there was a knock knock knock on the door.
"Kathryn?" Yes! Yes! That is me! I am Kathryn! That is my name! Yes?
"We need you back in the office to do some entry level things" Oh.. okay.

So we go back to the office and I am PUMPED that someone knows my name. Mind you, she is nw. And great. Okay, focus. So then I head "Kathryn, I need your help! And no, it isn't cleaning out my office!" YOU KNOW MY NAME TOO?! Okay, sounds good just let me know what to do!
I shouldn't have said that. Nope. I regret it. I then received about 500 business cards and was told to put them into the computer. I didn't know how they wanted it formatted, but don't worry! I figured it out...

Okay, maybe it wasn't 500 but it was a lot. There was then the ultimate "who needs the intern more" debate, "the intern" meaning me. Here is my theory. He knows that he doesn't know my name, but doesn't care enough to figure it out. But at least he figured out that my name isn't Kathy, Kathleen, Krystal, Christine, whatever else he thought my name was. I would much rather "The Intern" instead of a name that isn't mine. I say this now, check back in next week to see how annoyed I get with that aha.

I answered the phone a few times, okay a lot of times. I almost pulled a straight up Andy, but figured out how to adjust the volume on the phone to actually hear what they were saying.

So after looking at a few hundred business cards, I have some questions. And please, if you have a business card with one of these items, feel free to explain yourself. I am just confused.
  • Who still uses Yahoo?! Except for my mom.. Hi mom.
  • WHY do you have so many phone numbers? Like seriously, what is the point.
  • Why would you but you home number on your business card... That's private information and I wouldn't want people to call me during dinner. Sorry bout it
  • Do people still use fax?
  • Okay seriously, who is coming up with some of these titles? General Manager for the People who Enjoy Creating and Emailing. You think I'm kidding. I am, but the point is still there
  • Your business card is not a cheat sheet and doesn't need to be packed with 7 point font information. Give me your name, company, title, email and a phone number. I don't need your whole resume on there. That's all.

I got kicked out of about 4 computers throughout the whole day because everyone decided to come into the office. It was Wednesday people. What? Oh well. So anyways, I ended up working in my boss's office, meaning I worked at her computer. And people came into her office, but were confused when it was me sitting there. LOL OOPS. Look at me moving up in the intern world *smirking emoji*

But yes, it was a successful day, and my boss and I bonded over food, and it was great. Also it's raining. So that's fun.


  1. Fax machines are the absolute worst. I get so annoyed when people are like can you fax it to me?! No I cannot FAX it to you. Get an email address like everyone else in the 21st century please and thank you. Don't call again. Bottom line: hate them and they need to go away :)

    1. YES YES YES. That and I always do it wrong/almost broke one. Oops

  2. Honestly, I still use yahoo but that's only because it's basically connected to the first email address I've ever had. But I always have like a million different emails. One for the blog. One for school. One for my crappy windows phone that I don't use. I don't use most of them anymore because they aren't necessary.


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