Kathryn, The Intern (take two)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I have officially been at my internship for one week, and by one week, I mean I work there twice a week and today was my third day. Same thing, right? So hopefully you read my first day experience post. If you didn't, click this... I will wait for you. Trust me, it's funny, I compare myself to Cady Heron.
Since it is my third day, I expected my boss to finally get my name right? Understandable right? No. MY NAME IS NOT KATHLEEN. Yes, yes, it is Monday, and he's probably recovering from the Super Bowl, but still. So close. Let's do a little math equation here:
Kathleen, minus the leen, plus the ryn, equals Kathryn.
I don't like math, but that seemed simple enough, right?

At least my name is Kathryn and not Maximus Decimus Meridius...

and at least I don't threaten to kill you after I introduce myself...

Like, is it just me or do they have it easy with Kathryn? And it isn't like I have a twin, or a doppleganger, or even a difficult name, right? Maybe it is just me. Ugh.

I would also like to give myself a round of applause for not only answering the phone for the first time, but also for answering it about twenty more times. Thank you, thank you, I will be in the office Mondays and Wednesdays.

I shredded some papers, did some research, answered some phones, got some coffee. Yep, that last part. The intern got coffee. No, I didn't go on a coffee run. Remember when I said that whenever people went to get coffee they asked everyone else if they wanted coffee? Well today I was told that I deserve coffee and that they were going to get it for me. Gooo intern Kathryn! I also went on a mission in the building and didn't get lost.
I had a pretty successful Monday, if I do say so myself. Welp, tonight I have class until 10:10 so wish me luck... Just like every Tuesday.


  1. I hope they get the name right soon!
    My boyfriend didn't know my name for five weeks and I saw him Monday - Thursday every week. haha

    Also, good luck with the night class. I hate night classes so much. I would probably die if I couldn't leave school until 10PM.

    1. THAT GIVES ME HOPE! Aha, it was so close though and he looked so proud of himself for getting my name that I didn't even correct him. And ahhh thank you! I have a dinner break but it's still pretty intense!

  2. If your boss is anything like my next door neighbor be prepared to by a different name for the rest of your life. That's right, my neighbor of fifteen years, who's basically like a third grandpa to me because he's watched me grow up - since the third freaking grade, STILL gets my name wrong. He ranges from Catalina to Kathleen, but never Carolina

    1. AHAHAH this made my day. I still have hope for him... for now


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