Today, I Felt Like Cady Heron

Monday, January 27, 2014

Mr. Duvall: We have a new student, her name is Cady. Cady Heron. Where are you, Cady?
Cady: That's me. It's pronounced like Katie.
Mr. Duvall: My apologies. I have a nephew named Anfernee, and I know how mad he gets when I call him Anthony. Almost as mad as I get when I think about the fact that my sister named him Anfernee.

Today, this was me. I was this. We were one. Today was my first day at my new internship, and I was beyond nervous, which is weird, because normally I'm just excited. Anyways, so my morning started off with me running to catch the bus, and the bus driver laughing at me. So that was fun. After going through security, which I have to get used to, and they thought my iPad was suspicious, I got to work 1 minute early. Yay me! I got in and the computer took like an hour to start up. Okay, maybe 25 minutes. Then I started reading this super fun, actually hilarious intern 101 book that was written by an intern a few years ago. But since it was written a few years ago, there were names of people who didn't work there any more which confused me. Enter introduction of me by my boss #1: "This is, what's your name again?"
Here's a picture of my outfit! I need more business casual stuff meaning I need to figure out what in my closet can be turned into business casual meaning I probably have to wear skirts or dresses meaning I have to shave my legs. The pain.

People came into our office and asked us if we wanted anything from Brenda's and by "we" I mean my boss, because I'm the intern, and no one wants to get me beignets. I wanted to say yes. But I didn't. And my boss said no, because he had a carrot. Who chooses carrots over beignets?! 
After reading the novel of interns 101, I read the newspaper for news clippings. Enter introduction of me by my boss #2: "This is Kathy" Close, we're getting there! After clipping the news, I had a task. A task from the capitol building. To count color books. Yep, yes. Intern hard at work over here. I should apply for benefits because I got a paper cut, like who said counting coloring books was easy? Not me. There were over 300. That isn't even the best part. I got lost. I was walking from the back office to our office and I walked into the wrong office. Mind you this was after circling the floor like 3 times. I WALKED INTO THE WRONG OFFICE. The lady looked shocked and she asked if she could help me, I responded with "no" and walked out. Then I found my office. It was horrifying. I wanted to cry. I pulled through, and ate lunch at my desk. Better than Cady in the bathroom right? I also befriended the other intern, who I think is like a part time paid intern, but I have no idea because I told her my entire life and she didn't tell me anything. What else is new? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. This friendship only came after she wouldn't talk to me for like an hour because she thought I had been an intern there for months. False. She's new too, though! She started last week. The only thing she told me about herself. Enter introduction of me by my boss #3: "This is Kathleen." SO CLOSE. Spoiler, he got my name right by the end of the day. You go, Glen Coco, you go. One of my bosses then announced she was going to get coffee, did we want anything. Again, I felt out of place and just sat in my corner desk as the new intern. It was great. Then I got a tour of the mail room, there's two. What is the purpose of having two mail rooms?! At the end of the day I got my badge which gave me access to our office, but more importantly, the bathrooms. 

Hi Gabi....

So that was my first day! Not a complete failure, right? 

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