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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Happy Hump Day! Or as some like to call it, Wednesday. I usually write my blog posts the nigt before, but lately I have been doing this thing, some of you may have heard of it, called going to bed early. It's this new thing I'm trying to add into my vocabulary day so I don't look like a zombie and can make normal, English sentences when I speak. (Yes, I am very very grumpy when I don't sleep, or eat, and my words turn into gibberish. Crazy, I know). If you follow me on any form of social media, you would know that I went to Disneyland yesterday! And if you don't follow me on any form of social media, now you know. I have an annual pass, and I have gone to Disneyland twice in two weeks since I got it, meaning I have to go about three and a half more times to get my moneys worth. Helloooo, spring break/summer, although I am planning on going way more than just 3 times. Not going to apologize. So, with that being said, I have a few lists I wanted to share with you that will update you on my life, kind of.

New things:

1. I want a superhero boyfriend.
2."Get Up On This": I now listen to a podcast, and people driving next to me think it's talk radio. I'm not at that point in my life yet.
     2a. Do you have an Instagram? Follow humansofny. Not only does it make me want to go to New York even more than I do every single day, but it gives you another perspective and is very very interesting. And yes, I found out about this through my podcast. Judge me. I dare you.

3. I recently found out that The Vampire Diaries has a spin off show called The Originals3a. I am on the last episode of season 4 (the last episode on Netflix and I am proud and ashamed all at once.)

4.  I got a bBIG! I am calling her bBIG because she is my blogging big and she is amazing. Her name is Brianna and she blogs about her life and her Air Force boyfriend. *swoooon.

5Justin Timberlake is going on his Full 20/20 Tour and he will be at Staples Center on August 12th. So, who is going with me? Serious question. 

6. Going off of the Justin Timberlake concert, I am broke. No more spending money. Erika and I made a pact that when we go back to San Francisco, we aren't spending money. Well, we're going to Costco to stock up and then limiting ourselves to not eating out, no shopping, that sort of fun stuff. Erika's method is to stay in bed, while I will hopefully be working so much that I don't have time to go out shopping. That is, if anyone would respond to my internship emails. Hmph.

Things I am over:

  1. The app that tells me who follows or unfollows me on Instagram and Twitter. I deleted it and I never should have downloaded it in the first place because I shouldn't care that much.
  2. My Mophie phone charger, partly because I think it is broken. It stopped charging my phone at 60% and it was fully charged. That's not supposed to happen.
  3. Safari. I hate it but I don't want to override Apple and make Chrome my default because I want them to be able to fix it if anything happens to it.
  4. Rumors/Gossip at my work. I'm convinced people there are really pre-teens in adult bodies.
  5. Not knowing what I am wearing to IMATS this weekend. It's a real struggle and I have to figure it out.

Random things:

1. Avocados. I am still in that phase.
2. I didn't record PLL last night and I am kind of upset.
3. Remember "Kathy" the infamous Disney pin that I was trying to trade? Well I decided to keep Kathy unless I actually meet a cast member named Kathy, and even then, I might not trade it because it's a story and I feel kind of attached the Kathy. I am also a pro-pin trader now. Or at least I think I am.

4. Do I follow up on an email after I send someone my writing sample? I want the internship but I don't want to seem pushy. 
5. There will be a giveaway tomorrow on the blog and so you should come back tomorrow to see what it's all about! (:
6. Here are some pictures from yesterday (:

My genius way to remember where we parked. 

I am judging myself for duck facing. 

I can be competitive if I want. 

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