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Thursday, January 16, 2014

The time has come, where my obsession is put to the test, and I tell you what and how i feel after 4 amazing seasons. Also, girl on the left with the mohawk- is that supposed to be Jenna? I don't know. There will be spoilers in this post. Here is your warning. Don't worry, I'll try not to make the spoilers too bad, but some of them are inevitable. 

Why this picture? Because Ian Somerhalder, or Damon, looks smokin'. Yep. He is, wow. And then theres Stefan, but like they don't look like brothers but I'm not complaining because, hi they're gorgeous. 

BY FAR my favorite couple. I like them and I like that Elena is cool with them dating. One thing I don't like is how he treats her like half the time they're together because Bonnie literally does everything for him and her friends and gets nothing in return, not even the guy, really. I mean technically speaking she does but who knows, this is season 4, theres another season to go.

Elijah and Katherine. I LIKE THEM TOGETHER! I feel like he brings out the good in her and she brings out something in him, I don't know what but he loves/loved her. Short love flame in season 4, but hey, it was fun.

Whoever made this quote thing, thank you! Kol is my favorite original even though he's not in many episodes, the episodes he is in are my favorites. Except when he goes crazy, that part kind of scares me, but yes. He is great. You go Kol, you go.

Rebecca and Matt- I didn't like them at first. I was like nope, you two are not a good fit, and she's evil and you're the perfect, adorable quarterback, but now... now I like them and think she will make a good impact on him.

Can we just take a minute to appreciate how much I would love history if he were my teacher. 

And last but not least, my "ship." I can't believe I said that. Wow. Anyways, they will get together because Klaus is the bad boy we all secretly want to date but is actually a good guy, would treat her right, and is a hopeless romantic. If Caroline doesn't take him, I will.

If anyone knows how to watch Vampire Diaries season 5 episodes 1-5, let me know (: 
So, if you didn't know, vampires are immortal. I'm sure having about 162 birthdays is boring, and Stefan definitely didn't want to celebrate his 162nd, but your first birthday is always fun especially when you get to plan it! You know her, you love her, you can't wait to read about all her dating adventures....That's right vampires and witches ladies and gents, it is Rachel's/Sun and Sinatra's first blogiversary *party popper emoji, dancing girl emoji, flamenco emoji, heart eye emoji*
What better way to celebrate one year in bloggyland than with a giveaway with amazing bloggers!

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