First Post of The Year?! 2014

Friday, January 3, 2014

Welcome to my first post of the year, woot woooooot!!!!! Crazy talk. Absolutely crazy. So, I  hope you enjoy the over load of pictures seeing as I haven't blogged in 3 days because, well, I lost track of time and have surprisingly had a life for 3 days! (Yes, that means I haven't watched Vampire Diaries in 3 days, *le gasp*, I'm watching it now aha).

On Monday, I had work at camp, yayyy kiddies! And awkward run ins with co-workers, yayyy stupid boys. Then we had a girls night and watched Hercules and Captain America and painted our nails for NYE!

On NYE day, I went to century city to meet up with Rachel and her cousins to watch the Justin Bieber Believe movie. Stop judging me, please. It wasn't TERRIBLE. 

And then we went to lunch in the food court, and I ate this fabulous meal (:

Then I came home in not so terrible traffic, YAY and got ready for dinner! We went to dinner with my parents and then three of my friends (twins were two of the three) and their parents and had our own little back room to be festive in.

And then the countdown began, and to be honest, I was ready for midnight at about 8:00 pm, but I waited, and waited, drank some champagne, waited some more, MIDNIGHT HAPPENED then watched some performance, and knocked out. I know, I am a grandma. 

Like, can we just appreciate how festive these are though?

Although New Years Day is all Rose Parade and fun, it is also Daisy's birthday!!!! She's 15, like what? So weird...

And then we woke up to this. Like HI. It was delicious. And just what we needed because we were headed to Disneyland!!!! So now does it make sense why my NYE was so calm? Yeah, I needed my beauty sleep... and all the energy to run and skip around Disneyland like a five year old.

This picture came with a "Guess where I am" tweet... because again, I am five.

The day finally came where I got an annual pass, HOORAY! Last year I went 7 times, and the pass I got pays itself off in about 4, so I am thanking myself in advance, and want to have the most magical year EVER.

And then they had this hat... but I resisted. Go me


I would like to apologize for all of the snaps that were sent this day... Probably why my phone died...

Da bestie.

We were animals, can't you tell? No? Okay...

Space Mountain was a 70 minute wait. Then it got shut down because SOMEONE WORE THEIR GLASSES AND THEY FELL OFF. Like what?! They tell you to put that stuff away. Ugh so dumb. But anyways, a lot of people left and so we moved up in the line, and I made friends who worked there. My reasoning is because I'm going to be going a lot so I might as well meet the workers, right?

And then everyone thought that it was still shut down, so we walked on to the ride again.. and I befriended a cute employee named Nate who looked like a Dave.

OKAY. Story time, so I have had two pins on my pin trader lanyard, like what is that even called, for years now. NO ONE calls me Kathy. I respond to it, yes, but only when the campers call me Kathy because there is another Kathryn, but she is Katherine, and sometimes they get confused. Besides the point, I don't like "Kathy" and I hate these pins. I traded one of them with an employee (my first trade, it was scandalous) and then proceeded to walk around the park yelling Kathy to find someone to trade with.. No one responded. THEN we went to Starbucks because, that's a thing now, and we found this. Kathy had been avoiding me the whole day. Rude. I still have the pin, I will trade it, but I didn't want to give the employee two Kathy pins because her name wasn't Kathy, but they are obligated to trade with me. OOPS.

The chocolatiest chocolate croissant there ever could be. No, I didn't buy it/ Yes, I will be back for it.

Why didn't I buy the chocolate croissant? Because I got my cream cheese pretzel *heart eyes emoji* the only reason I go to Disneyland. Okay, false. One of the reasons I go to Disneyland.
I also found out they are premade and tried to convince the guy to let me buy them in bulk, but he didn't so that was tragic.


Kathryn, what is that.... And why is he wearing a Hawaiian shirt?
I got an anonymous text a text from my friend Gabbi saying that Drake Bell was at Disneyland, but he was at Splash Mountain and we had already been over there. I wasn't going to try to search for him because 1) my phone was dying and 2) I figured he was on a guided tour thing, but if I found him I would sneak a pic... We found him outside the girls bathroom with his girlfriend ALL OVER HIM. It's Disneyland people, get a grip. I took this picture and sent it to Gabbi, and then got yelled at for charging my phone in the bathroom, so that was fun.

We went to find him in toon town and managed to find the entrance to Goofy's house (there are 3 doors and 2 of them don't open...) AND I FOUND A KITE!

Death glares...

Try fitting six people into a teacup...

And the next day was this princesses birthdayyyyy(:

Those green days? Yeah, those are all the days I can go to Disneyland (:

And the last of the Disney pictures because my phone died and most of these are from my friends cameras. OOPS. Well, it isn't a real Disney day if your phone doesn't die...

And then yesterday was field trip day at camp!

We went to the CA Science Center and saw the Endeavor. I was amused, the kids were not. 

And then my phone died... and we went to dinner for Christina's 21st birthdayyyy!

I ate this, and it was delicious.

And then my phone died again...

So this morning, my plan was to sleep all day and watch Vampire Diaries, but alas, I actually did things. Like, productive things! I took off my glitter nail polish, I switched planners, I did dishes, made a DELICIOUS breakfast, and cleaned out my closet and drawers to take clothes to Buffalo Exchange and Goodwill! And then to top off my Friday, I got summoned for jury duty. COOL, AMERICA. Too bad I can't go seeing as it's next month and I will be in school. One day, courts, one day. I also got a snapchat from "Henry" but other than that he's gone. I have also made my New Year's resolution to get rid of the douchebags in my life. So, wish me luck on that one...

But, my next post will be on Monday meaning Case of the Mondays and I got bored so I made this fun thing! Have a great weekend!!!

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