Case Of The Mondays

Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy Monday! My weekend has been interesting to say the least! Hopefully you read my post from Saturday describing all of my Friday night shenanigans and now, we can move on to Saturday and Sunday! Yay!

Saturday was girls day. After watching a few episodes of Vampire Diaries, I headed to lunch with Christina and Erika. We went to Chin Chin and then on to Coffee Bean (I had a giftcard, don't worry Starbucks) and then shopping! We went to both Urban Outfitters and the Urban Surplus store, just because. I got a sweater with a dreidel on it, so that's fun...

Then we were bored. What to do on a Saturday night when you don't want to spend money? Go to a free museum, which was actually really crowded.. with LOTS of first dates. I mean, it would definitely be a good first date place, we were just surprised because we didn't realize that was a thing. Oh well, the view was gorgeous, the company was perfect, and we didn't even have to pay for parking. Yay us!

This morning we went to Crave and I didn't get the French Toast. I've realized that I only post the unhealthy things I eat on Instagram and I need to go on an Instagram diet so that will motivate me to eat healthier. Right? Right.

Then we went to the market, and then the Grove and look at all the succulents!

Then I came home, started season 3 of Vampire Diaries (stop judging me). Before we left for the movies, I went with my parents and neighbors to see The Wolf of Wall Street, I got probably the douche-iest text I've ever received. Like ever. And that's saying a lot. 1) It was form "Henry" 2) It was inviting me to a party 3) It was a mss text, like copy and paste status. 4) It included jungle juice.
I wanted to respond with a middle finger emoji, but Apple has once again disappointed me in the emoji department, so I left the text unanswered. Whatever.

Now I am off to work with a guy I haven't seen since he broke up with his girlfriend, so this should be interesting.. Hopefully in a good way. And then New Years Eve! Oh and my plan for New Years Day is to go to Disneyland, so I'm pretty excited about that because that means I get my pass! YAY!

What did you do this weekend and why do you have a case of the Mondays?

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