So You Agree, You Think He's A Douchebag

Saturday, December 28, 2013

HAPPY SATURDAY! A rare occasion here on my blog, but this is because I love my friends. I know everyone says that, and I have said that plenty a time before, but last night was necessary. It was the final chapter of the very very short story that is "Henry." Hopefully you read yesterday's post, if not, clicky clicky and scroll to the bottom.
Now that you are all caught up on my non-existent love life, we can get to why I needed a girls night. As fun as camp was yesterday, and as delicious as my mom's dinner was.. it was Crave time. And who else would I go with, other than my two other mouseketeers, Kim and Jessie. After flirting it up with the waiter at crave (he was a football player), we decided a trip to the frozen yogurt place where "Henry" worked was necessary. Some may call it sabotage, I call it bad karma. We did a drive-by, and believe it or not, he was working. If I went in, I was bound to punch something.. or someone, so I waited in the car while Kim and Jessie came up with a master plan inside. Please, get ready for the genius that you are about to read. Like, this is something out of a reality TV show or the movies.
They walked up to the register to get close to him so he could hear their conversation.

(We're going to use initials so we have H for "Henry", K Kim, and J Jessie, easy enough)
H: That'll be $1.65
J: Kim, I thought you were going to hang out with Kathryn tonight
K: Oh, I'm so mad we were supposed to, but she had a date tonight so we rescheduled
J: Oh that makes sense. Wait, we have a group chat with her, but I haven't saved her number yet. What's her last name again?
K: [My last name]. Kathryn [My last name].
H: *dirtiest look ever* That'll be $1.65.
K: Oh, right!

But of course, we couldn't eat the yogurt, because we just had delicious crepes...

We didn't know which car was his, and after circling the block about 10 times, we saw him outside and I thought we were compromised. I hid behind my steering wheel and we were in the clear. What to do with the yogurt? Well.. the plan was to casually place it upside down on a table. That's all. But he was standing at the window creepily watching, so the "place" turned into a toss, followed by Kim sprinting to the car to get away. Let's just say I had to pull over because I was laughing so hard I was crying.

I feel bad for anyone that ever messes with me or my friends.

Have a fantastic weekend my lovesss! (:

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