I Would Be A Terrible Chauffeur

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

And it's Tuesday. Yesterday was probably the longest Monday of my life. I am rarely the chauffeur seeing as I lived across the street from my high school, so my friends would always have their cars. But alas, yesterday was my day to shine. And by shine, I mean have road rage and drive all over all of Los Angeles. I don't think I have ever been so tired in a very long time. Like I wasn't even this tired during finals week! All complaints aside, I had an amazing day, ate amazing food, got to hang out with my amazing friends, and even squeezed in some last minute Christmas shopping!

Today I am going to lunch with middle school friends (please, wish me luck.) and then getting my hair cut (and possibly colored, who knows with me anymore).

As for when I stopped believing in Santa? Well I still get presents from him and take a picture with him every year... but, I guess I stopped believing when my cousin told me that Santa was my parents. I wasn't devastated because it made sense, but I definitely could've found out in a better way!

Au revoir! Off to watch more Vampire Diaries...

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