Do I like SnapChat? I Don't Know, but I Like Puppies

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Happy Wednesday you gorgeous blog readers, you. 
Alas, the hump day between my two finals is actually hump day, and then I go home. HOORAY! *clapping emoji* This was my night in a nutshell:

Thank youuuu, Eric.
Now before the rant, I would like to update you on the ant problem because I know you couldn't sleep last night because you were so scared for me. (Mom, that is directed at you...) But for now there are a few stragglers, and the Raid is working! Yay Raid! No this isn't sponsored, I'm not cool enough for that kind of stuff... ANYWAYS. I had my history final yesterday, so long dreadful class. I bid you adieu. And now I have my political theory final that stands in the way of me and winter break! 
On the topic of winter (I'm getting really good at transitioning these things) today is the 11th which means today's question is:
*drumroll please*

Is Winter your favorite season? Yes and no. I like summer because I can go swimming and I'm home and in the past, that meant long breaks, and of course, my birthday. But now that I'm in college, winter breaks are pretty long, so I would say that Winter is my favorite holiday, minus the fact that my birthday isn't in it. But at the same time I wouldn't want my birthday during winter because then I could never have pool parties! Okay, end rant. I like Winter because you can dress for the cold while in the heat I just want to melt away like the Wicked Witch of the West.

Kathryn, what does any of this have to do with SnapChat?

Well, it doesn't but I need to do a little rant. SnapChat has recently come out with "snap stories" a feature that, if you have me on snap chat, then you know that I use it quite frequently. I like it! I like not having to mass snap chat everyone and then having people be angry that I only mass snap them, and then I can see who watches it! It's great. BUT at the same time, I hate it. I make snap stories, and if I say something like "off to my final" and if I get a "good luck!" snap chat back, I DON'T THINK IT'S CREEPY. I think it is nice, and considerate, especially since I can see you saw it, and I snap chatted you "good luck" when you snap storied how stressed you were about your finals. But alas, I guess I am just the nice person and you are weird and don't understand the fact that a nice, humane, act can be something that isn't flirting. But I don't even really know you so I can't complain. Ugh. Okay, no more boy problems. And yes, if you didn't get it by now this is my ranting about a guy who doesn't respond to my text but watches my snap stories. So ya saw my text. So what did I do last night? I read his snap story and wished him good luck on his final tomorrow... Once again. 
I guess you are just THAT cool, that you don't have to care about anyone else, even though they might be just as stressed as you are during this hell week we call finals. But, I am not alone. Well, at least according to Eric, who told me to keep my head up, insured me that I'm not that crazy, and that everything is going to be okay.
Eric is going to have his own talk show in which he teaches guys how to not be a total douchebag, or at least be less of a douchebag. 

And so I leave you with a cute GIF of Frenchies because I am changing my major to French Bulldogs because JUST LOOK AT THEM and clearly that Frenchie isn't concerned with boys, or ants, or finals. 

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