What A Tease

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving break was the biggest tease EVER. I had the best 4 day weekend, and now I am back for two weeks of finals. YAY COLLEGE. But then I get to go home to all my friends and family and enjoy the holidays and a month and a week-ish for break. Woo-hoo! So yes, I have a reward for getting through these next two weeks but they will be a very long two weeks.

And now for my weekend:

Sami's Shenanigans

I flew home Wednesday night and had no problems. Like, the supposed busiest travel day of the year, and my flight took off early like, what? I don't get it. Anyways, so then I came home and re arranged my room and slept in my own bed and it was perfect. Although, my apartment bed is also really comfortable, but still. Then it was Thanksgiving, and we ate all the food.

All of it, and then went shopping for about 15 hours (we're on Friday now), came home, relaxed, and then went to the best concert of my life.

 LIKE EVER. The man sitting next to me hated me. SORRY SIR, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. I don't believe in sitting at concerts because the performer is standing, why aren't we? And then I can dance and sing and no one can really see me and it's great. I sat at this concert. Why? Because Michael Buble sat, and when he sat, I sat, when he stood, I stood. I didn't feel like I was at a concert at Staples Center (which I was) but (and sorry if this is a weird explanation) it felt like I was at a concert in his living room. He cracked jokes, called people up from the audience (NOT ME, I'm not bitter.. it's fine) read everyone's posters, moved stages, and at the end, sang without his band or a microphone. Cue tears. But actually, I cried at that part (he was crying too, stop judging me, I'm an emotional person). That night I had the best night's sleep ever. Like after shopping and a concert? I was pretty beat. And then Saturday, I went shopping... again. I couldn't resist, Black Friday has turned into Black Thursday night-Black Sunday/Cyber Monday and so I just feel like I should live at the mall for the weekend! But alas, I didn't.

After shopping, we caught up on Homeland and then I went to dinner, fro-yo and the movies with my two best friends. We saw Frozen and you have to go see it. Like right now.

Sunday was Hanukkah party day and my parents and I went to my aunt's house and we brunched, and I became the babysitter. But that isn't me complaining. Like imagine the heart eyed emoji after babysitting. Because all my little cousins are PRECIOUS. But it makes me feel really old because the oldest is now 10. I remember when he was born!!! And now there are five of them?! I'm not old, but you get it. Why are they growing up so fast. Stay in your cute little baby forms for a little longer so I can hang out with you on the weekends! I told my baby cousin Ethan I was taking him with me to San Francisco. I miss him already. And then I came home, after running around in the backyard and being super Jewish, and watched Homeland, procrastinated packing, watched The Holiday and then decided to pack. We had our last supper (for two weeks at least) and then headed to the airport where Erika and I watched Batman because our flight was delayed. SURPRISE SURPRISE.

It's because our flight coming home was so perfect. Leave it up to United... And now? Well I got home at almost 1 am last night because Super Shuttle is annoying and awful and slow, but I'm back in San Francisco!
For two weeks...

Oh and I got a new phone case! Thanks Mom and Dad (:

Commence finals mind set.

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