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Thursday, December 26, 2013

You see, this is what happens when I don't blog everyday. Life. Life happens and when I don't blog every day then I have too much stuff to cram into one little post. So that's what we're doing here. Why? Because it's Friday and I at the end of this blog post is the story that probably what hooked you into reading this post in the first place. 
But first, Christmas.

This Christmas Eve we did something new: dinner at Osteria Mozza

I thought I was really artsy taking this picture, so just appreciate it.

We also opened presents at midnight Christmas Eve seeing as we had to wake up at 7:30 to go to church in Long Beach. 

After church, I made a gingerbread house...
And yes, those are reindeer antlers and a Christmas sweater.

And we ate cake!
This, of course, was after we had AMAZING prime rib, which, while making, broke the thermometer. 


And then yesterday, we celebrated boxing day, in which my mom returned things and all I bought were a pair of jeans from Urban. Why? Because I'm using all my money for my Disney Pass YAYAYYYYY!

And after shopping we went to Calabasas for some breakfast! Yummyyyy

So "date" time. Now I put "date" in quotes because it was never officially a "date" it was just hanging out. And on my Twitter I called it "plans" because I'm me and I do weird things, I don't know. So story time: I met, "Henry" (not his name, we're going with it anyways) over Thanksgiving. Super random, very unexpected, whatever. Sad part is, I met him Saturday, I went back to SF the next day for finals. Two weeks go by, we talk on and off, okay. 
Kathryn, why haven't you mentioned anything to us before?
Well, I kind of did in my post on why I hate SnapChat, but mostly because nothing happened and honestly it didn't look like it was going anywhere. Like sorry, our main form of communication was SnapChat. I should've stopped there.

But no, I'm me, and I have to give every guy a chance, because I'm sure he's actually really sweet and interesting. Eh? I still don't know if that statement is true or false, but anyways, yesterday I get a text "we should hang out." Cool. "tomorrow?" Sounds fun. "I'll text you tomorrow (this conversation took place on Christmas) and let you know what we can do" Awesome, can't wait.
Yesterday rolls around, no text. I make a deal with myself that if I don't hear anything by 6, I am making other plans. 5:30 rolls around, my parents are buying movie tickets to see American Hustle and they ask me if I want to come. "Well, if you come, you come, if you don't we can get money back for the ticket." Cool. 6:30 comes and I say screw it and get ready.

 Call me stubborn for not texting him, but I'm sorry, he said he'd text me and I shouldn't have to text him. Like is it bad for me to have wanted him to be excited to hang out with me? Yeah. Well, he wasn't. Clearly, because he completely forgot about me. When I got out of the movie, I had 4 snapchats from him. FOUR. And no texts. But the thing is, none of the SnapChats had anything to do with anything. Like, they were of him, listening to music. Oh, and I'm on his best friends on SnapChat. He's not on mine. Does that mean I win? Or does that fact that I made other plans and didn't sit around for him make me win. Either way, I don't understand "Henry."
Oh, and "Henry," if you're reading this, even though you don't know my blog exists because you don't like any of my photos on Instagram so why would you be on my Instagram profile and you don't have a Twitter (that was a long rant, it felt good to get that out), my parents want me to tell you they know where you work (they were there when I met him). I told them that was drastic, but I mean... I can't really stop them. Good luck, "Henry." I hope your New Year is great because I plan on leaving this whole thing in 2013.

And with that, we back our azzes up.

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