"It's Too Cold To Study"

Thursday, December 5, 2013

I love college students, I really do. And by "college students" I am not only talking about myself, but I'm talking about the whole of college students, aka my school. In San Francisco, it is rarely freezing and it is also never warm enough outside to tan. But of course, leave it finals week to have extreme temperatures.
Fall semester: "But it's cuddle weather! It's too cold to study!"
Spring semester: "But it's so nice out! We have to lay out and tan, then we can study"

Just wait for spring semester and you'll see what I'm talking about. But alas, final week is upon us. The dreadful week that haunts all college students with the reward of not having class for 6-7 weeks (unless of course you're really smart and want to graduate early and take intersession, in which case, good luck). This semester, my professors have decided the finals week isn't enough, so instead, we will make the last week of classes a precursor to finals, in which all the projects and essays will be due, and then tests the following week. Cool professors, you're really generous. I'm pretty sure all my professors are Scrooges. Don't they get its the holidays? Okay, enough complaining, my professors are all very nice, decent people.

So, what have I been up to these past few days? Well, finals have taken over, so my posting everyday schedule is going to turn into more of a post when I don't feel like studying for finals for the next two weeks. But I go home on December 14th! And then posting will be normal again, HOORAY!

Now, my not so interesting life that I will proceed to tell you all about!
Yesterday I went to the most amazing work event. I was slightly under dressed but work with me (please note the pun) I was told that morning I was working the event.
I ate amazing food, and then had a final. Not too shabby of a Wednesday, if I say so myself.

Wednesday night I sat in bed and then moved to campus to write an eight page paper, and on my way home was chased by a raccoon. My Facebook status about this got over 40 likes so either I'm really cool or clearly people find humor in my unfortunate luck.

Thursday, I edited that same paper I wrote the night before, baked (because yahoo said that you need to give your mind a break from editing a paper to trick it into thinking it is a different paper, it worked), and got ready for Theta's holiday party! YAY HOLIDAYS!

We had our last chapter of the semester (there were a lot of feels) and then had a magical holiday party where we made Pinterest hot chocolate (mine turned out really ugly so I will spare you by not posting a photo), ate pasta and salad, and had a photo shoot in our holiday attire by the Christmas tree on campus!

My littles and I then went to bi-rite because we're weird and like to eat ice-cream when it's cold, and I came home and watched Love Actually!

That is my exciting life! And tonight I am going to a holiday gift exchange, woo-hoo!

I've said it several times in the past few weeks, but I am honestly so lucky. I am so lucky to have a college job that I love, and more importantly, I am so lucky that I have created a family here in San Francisco. A group of friends that I call my family, because I can tell them anything and everything and get a straight answer back from them, because they tell me when I should be studying or going to work, because they want whats best for me, because they are the family I chose.

And now, we celebrate Friday by backing our azzes up.

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