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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Happy Tuesday, December 10th, my first real final, the day after a crazy panic attack. 
I mean, yay it's almost Saturday?
If you follow me on twitter you may know that Erika and I have a little problem with our perfect apartment. I say little, because they are little, the problem is big. We have ants. In our kitchen and bathroom. And I hate them. 

Kathryn, they're ants, you could have roaches, or bugs that bite, or spiders, or construction, or a terrible apartment with no electricity or hot water. 

Yes, yes, I know I know but you know what they say? It's the little things. THE LITTLE DARN ANTS THAT I HATE. And after watching Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull I really don't like ants. I will save you from the GIF because it's disturbing but if you don't know what I'm talking about, consider yourself lucky. 
Okay, thats enough, caps. Anyways, so yesterday we went to Target (my favorite place) to get Raid. We got both gel and spray and I decided to put the gel out because I wanted to kill all these evil beings before we both go home for winter break. I set out the gel, made and ate dinner, started studying, video chatted with the lovely Rachel from Sunshine and Sinatra, and when I went into the kitchen to finish washing dishes, panic struck. I called Erika and made her run home, which she did because she is the best friend/roommate ever and didn't even ask why I needed her at home over the phone, and stood in the kitchen trying to breathe. I kid you not, it was an army of ants. Like, my childhood ant farm was all over my apartment kitchen. 

You had an ant farm?

Not exactly. When I was younger I had only guy friends, which is super ironic because now it's pretty much the opposite because I was a super tom boy, but that's another story. Anyways, so they all had ant farms and I wanted to be cool like them so I asked my mom for an ant farm and she said no. Then, one magical day, we came home to ants in our kitchen in our town house (Mom, is this history repeating itself? Maybe they think I want them here...) and I was so excited because my mom had finally gotten me an ant farm. Sadly, tom boy Kathryn left a long time ago, and my love for bugs has died. There was also a spider involved in this story, but I'd rather not re-live that part. Add on finals stress and boy drama and I had a very interesting night!

From bugs to Christmas:

Would you rather give or recieve gifts?

If it is a gift that I know that person is going to LOVE and actually use, I would rather give gifts. Only because most of the time I never know what to get people, so when I know they actually want it I get really happy and excited. If not, I like presents (: 

A country Christmas, courtesy of my little procrastinating studying last night...

And now, learn something about me thanks to Erin's genius quiz!

Happy studying my fellow college students, and everyone else? You are one day closer to the weekend!

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