An Actually Happy Monday & Be My Friend

Monday, December 16, 2013

Happy Monday!!! It's almost Christmas! And I am on winter break, writing this post while laying in my bed watching Vampire Diaries. It's my new obsession. Like all I've watched all weekend.
Okay, that's a lie. I also watched some Homeland and saw Saving Mr. Banks (go watch it, it's really good).
I came home Saturday, unpacked, watched Vampire Diaries (stop judging me) and then went and ate sushi, YUM. Sunday we went to the market, got our Christmas tree/Hanukkah bush, decorated the house, did some Christmas shopping, and went to the movies. Yay! Also, fun fact, someone asked about my monogram necklace and I felt really awkward telling this guy that it was my initials, he looked at me like I was crazy... WHATEVER. Anyways, I really want to just lay in bed all day and watch Vampire Diaries, but alas, best friend duties call, and surprises. Mwaha. Never ask me to pick you up from the airport and not expect a surprise. GET READY ERIKA.

My favorite Christmas song is all of Michael Buble's holiday album. Yeah, I know that isn't A song, but I can't pic, they all make me happy!!!

ALSO, remember when I said how excited I was about IMATS LA? Well, as of now I am going by myself. SOMEONE COME WITH MEEEE! It is on January 18th. Let's go, bong over makeup, and be friends. 

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