Rachel Bilson Is A Pro Gift Wrapper

Thursday, December 19, 2013

This is my new best friend, Rachel Bilson. She shops at Target so clearly I want to be her friend. If you are friends with me on SnapChat or follow me on Twitter, you know this happened. But basically, I needed ribbon and gift ties to make presents cute and low and behold, this gem was in the ribbon aisle! She is tiny, and adorable, and nice, and laughed at my joke. So now you see how we're best friends?
Before Target yesterday I didn't do much of anything besides lunch with my mom and hanging out at her work for a few hours talking to the intern lawyers because they are all nice and funny and what else did I have to do? Oh finish Vampire Diaries season 1? Yeah that happened. Now I am on season 2 episode 5? I think, don't quote me on that! ANYWAYS I forgot to pack a ton of stuff because I'm me and I packed for the cold, forgetting that I live in Los Angeles, and now I am stuck with sweaters and a few tank tops and I meant to get basic shirts and what not at Target, but I got distracted and I really don't feel like dealing with the Holiday crowds, so I will deal. I guess...

And then last night I relived the Michael Buble concert during his third annual Christmas special. It was the shortest hour of my life. 

Christmas timeeeee!

My favorite holiday memory is watching the James Bond marathon at my cousins house every year after we opened Christmas presents and while everyone was preparing dinner. It as just calm, casual family bonding, but everyone was pretty much in the same room, just enjoying each others company. 

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