Is This Being A Grown-Up?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Someone is looking out for me and I don't know who or why. Maybe this is my year? Everyone says that. But as of now, 2014 looks like it will be the year of job opportunities for me. As of now, this upcoming semester I might potentially have three jobs... and school. But I'm not stressing out yet because nothing is official because I am being a patient grown-up and waiting for people to respond from my resume hire me emails. (Don't worry, they were much more professional.) I already have my job at the Law School, but this semester I am in an internship class so I had to send out some fun emails telling people why they should allow me to work for free in their office. Fun stuff, right? So I sent out three emails, and have heard back from two *insert party emoji here* which is pretty impressive, seeing as I usually don't hear back for like a week. 
So, as of now I will have my law school job and an internship which won't be too bad, because then I technically have only 3 classes. I can do that.

Here comes in the grown-up part. I may or may not be getting a promotion at my job at home. For those of you who don't follow me on Twitter, which you should because I think I'm funny, I am a counselor at a Day Camp whenever I am home so winter, summer, and sometimes spring but usually not because I like my spring break and it is usually not when I am home. Oops. Anyways, so yes, I might be moving up on the food chain there, but I get more details on that tomorrow, along with the drama of me moving up at the age of 20 but I'm sorry, should I say no to a promotion? I mean I could, but again, nothing is set in stone.

My main concern is that if I do get the promotion that I won't be able to be a counselor and hang out directly with the kids which I would hate because as much as I complain about them, I love them. 
So that is my updated what is going on in my life, and again, I have more updates coming soon (as soon as I hear back from everyone, yay waiting.)

Until we hear back from everyone, here are some fun pictures!

I'm convinced my dog is a model. She is literally so photogenic. 

And then yesterday, I went to Knott's for field trip day and I thought I was cool because I had a lot of snapchats, but I wasn't so that's cool too...

My favorite thing at Knott's Berry Farm! Delicioussssness. I want to go to San Diego and get the real deal though.

See, she's a model.
Wish me luck on my hike today! Yes, hike.

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