Looking For The "Juan"

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

So many puns, so little time. I was looking forward to finding my top five or so girls, seeing Sean, and determining who the next drama girl would be. I didn't get the last one, and I am sad. If you haven't realized already, yes I am talking about the Bachelor. Why? Because I don't know what else to post about... Work with me.
So you're one of those girls who watches that show?
I like it. I like the drama. I like seeing where they travel. But more importantly, I love me and my friends commentary (along with Jaclyn Swartz's twitter commentary because she is hilarious). Last year, I went over to my friend Rachel's for the finale episodes, but last night my parents had company over so I stayed home. And this is why I love the person who created texting. THANK YOU!

PS Carolina has a blog and we kind of share a mind and wrote on the same thing because great minds think alike!

Anyways, so this year came a twist! A Bachelor Fantasy League. So am I creating one? Kind of. I will give you my top girls, who I think is going to stir up the house, and then I am going to go to work, because that is what grown ups do, right? Cool. So yesterday this link was posted in my sorority's Facebook page but I simplified it and I am just putting my top 6 because let's be honest here, the first and only time I filled out a fantasy league I did it wrong so there's that.

(she is my top pick for him) the 32 year old single mom/real estate agent who lives in Florida 
literally the perfect match for him

the 26 year old bad ass and gorgeous district attorney

the 26 year old nanny who came out of the limo with a soccer ball

the nurse who is 26 and her favorite type of dancing is drunk dancing... and should have won the first impression rose. NOW Reality Steve is saying that she has the potential to be the next Courtney, so we shall see, and if they change her edits on the show... I will not be happy.

the 24 year Brazilian goddess

she is 26 and didn't come in the limo, but came in on a piano bike thing because she is amazing.


I also like Elise
but something just didn't click... But she does sort of remind me of Lesley and I am obsessed with her so we shall see. Her dress was amazing.

And then there is Sharleen, who I do not understand. So I am not ranking her.

Happy Tuesday!!! Go eat some tacos, you deserve them *insert taco emoji here if it existed* 

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