Face Lift with Julie Andrews

Thursday, January 30, 2014

My mom is probably reading this thinking "She's 20 years old, why is she thinking about a face-lift?! She's gorgeous just the way she is..." Wow, I scare myself at how good my impressions of my mom are in my head. I LOVE YOU MOM, DON'T TEXT ME AND BE ANGRY AT ME.

I said I wanted a blog face lift when I got 100 followers on BlogLovin. Well, I jumped the gun, and got a new blog design because the amazing Rachel, from Sunshine & Sinatra, decided to be a magical princess, and created a rainbow of simplicity, class, and trendiness on my blog. That's a lot of adjectives. I like adjectives. THANKS, SUNSHINEY RACH!

Why did I do the change? Well as much as I loved my old blog layout, which I did, like a lot, I felt that I had out grown it. It has to the point where I have finally found my "blog voice" (is that a thing?) and I now know what I enjoy blogging about, what works, what doesn't, all that fun stuff. So yes, my blog may seem more "grown up" but consider my old blog layout the awkward teen years, and now we have finally made the transition into our twenties/real life. Does this make sense? It makes sense in my head, but now I feel like I am just rambling...

Basically, I hope you like the new blog layout as much as I do, and since we are talking about things I like (I am getting really good at these transitions, so I hope you notice...) I thought I would give you a list of a few of my favorite things. Some people Beauty bloggers/vloggers, which is what I pretend I am sometimes (you should see my obscene makeup collection) do monthly favorites. As much as I like this concept, I can barely remember products I used two days ago, let alone products I used four weeks ago. *Insert fish emoji here because I have the memory of a gold fish.*
So here it is. A listicle, yes that is a word, I learned about them in my PR class, on a few of my favorite things. *Cue Julie Andrews* And no, these are not in any particular order, I can't put one of these over the other. That wouldn't be nice.


  1. Your blog looks so grown up and fancy. WHAT IS THIS!?

    1. DO YOU LIKE IT?! I thought it was time for a change (:

  2. Seriously love the new design! And French bulldogs are soooooo cute!!

    1. Yay! So glad you like it (: and yes, I want one in my life.


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