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Friday, January 10, 2014

"Four, tres, two, uno...
I'll be up in the gym Runyon Canyon just working on my fitness, he's Kim's my witness, oooh wheee"
Well, that just happened. And guess what? I survived a hike, and I didn't hate it. I actually kind of loved it. I felt so incredibly amazing afterwards.

Like not the way I feel after I go to the gym, or do my at home workout with "Pat" the evil workout app man, like I actually did something productive with my day and was able to catch up with my friends and see cute dogs. Yeah, sorry, had to throw that part in there.

Today I went to Runyon Canyon with my favorite sisters and had so much fun! After, of course, I thought they were trying to kill me (even though going hiking was my idea.)

Do you see the Hollywood sign?! Anyways, hiking turned into a mini photo-shoot, as all of us had on no makeup and our hair had their own minds...

We then had post-hike acai bowls and free green juice samples. Yum.

I came home to go get a pedicure with my mom, hi mom! And got some ramen...
But it wasn't that great, but oh well, it was some what light and I didn't feel like I ate the calories I burned on my hike, because that's how I see exercise, clearly... (hi, Christine!)

Now I want to go hiking all the time! It made me feel so good about life and my body wasn't sore (let's see how it is tomorrow.)

Speaking of tomorrow, wish me luck for my potential job interview and then I'm going to Victoria's Secret, because guess what? They're still having their semi-annual sale!

And now, here is a motivational "back that azz up."

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