Two Week Countdown

Monday, January 6, 2014

As Told By Kathryn
It's Monday which means I have a day less than two weeks left of winter break. WHERE DID TIME GO?! On top of figuring out my internship for next semester, I decided to make a few to do lists, some in preparation for going back to San Francisco, and another of things I want to do in my last two weeks at home for a long period of time until May. ( I completed some this weekend, YAY ME! and also let me know what I am forgetting to do... It's Monday, I'm forgetful.)

Finish Vampire Diaries (I'm on season 4, this is doable)
Frozen Yogurt (Check.)
Din Thai Fung (Check.)
Urban lights
Disneyland (Check. But I want to go again.. obviously)
(someone take me to all these and I will love you forever
Griffith Observatory (I went to the parking lot but I'm not counting that.)
Santa Monica farmers market
IMATS (Less than two weeks yayyy!)
Venice Beach- 26 Beach Cafe French Toast
(need I say more:)

On top of completing some of the things on my check list, I also went nail polish shopping and drove my mom crazy (sorry, mom)...

Might have discovered where in Vancouver Michael Buble lives...

 Made a very inspirational phone background, photo courtesy of Erika...

Downloaded this fitness app which yelled started ringing at me this morning because I didn't know how to work it, so when I actually did the workout it told me, I forgot to hit start so it thought I was skipping it. I AM SORRY, PAT. (That's that guys name...)

Made fancy water because I felt like it. ALSO please note my discolored purse in the back. That is due to my jeans and it is also ripping so I need a new purse. Let the hunt begin.

And, once again got sucked into The Bachelor, thank you Juan-uary. (No I do not know who that person is but The Bachelor Twitter account retweeted it and it is so beyond true I can't even deal.) So you can guess what I am doing tonight! Sitting on my couch with a glass of wine watching The Bachelor as my parents make fun of me. How do you feel about The Bachelor? Do you think he will find the Juan? Okay enough puns...

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