Life is Funny Sometimes

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Does anything ever happen in your life where you just kind of have to take a moment to laugh? It wasn't a knock knock joke, or any kind of joke, really, but you just can't help but laugh. I had a lot of those moments today.
I woke up 15 minutes before my alarm, which is personally one of my favorite ways to wake up. I had my outfit pre planned, and knew that I was going to grab breakfast and coffee at Starbucks. El NiƱo decided to make its grand entrance last night, so I also knew I wasn't going to do my hair, as it would just get ruined in the rain anyways. I had a plan. I was going to get to work early to possibly leave early, I packed a healthy lunch, I brought my planner, and my iPad was fully charged. I was so ready for the day. I even printed out agendas for the meeting I had at 10am for work. 

I did all of this just to realize it was pouring rain and traffic going downtown would be horrible, I dropped my Starbucks breakfast sandwich in my lap while driving, I had cat fur all over my leggings, and when I got out of my car after parking at work, I stepped into a puddle. And this was just the morning. I later realized that I had left my lunch in my car and decided to go get it because it had stopped raining, yet the second I stepped outside it started down pouring. But you know what? I did this all with a huge smile on my face. Because even writing this, I can't help but laugh! Life is funny that way... And I don't know if it was because I "woke up on the right side of the bed" this morning or if the audiobook I am currently listening to is taking a toll and putting my New Year's resolution of being more positive into play, but I love it. 

I can 110% say that I am happier now, and this past week, than I have been in months, and maybe even years. I finally feel happy with myself in most facets, and so why get upset that I stepped in a puddle? It washed my Nikes. Or why worry about dropping my breakfast sandwich? It was just the bread part anyways, who needs the extra carbs. And leaving my lunch in my car? I got more FitBit steps! 

I am slowly starting to realize that life is what you make it, and as cliche as that sounds, I truly believe it. If I wake up in the morning and say I am going to have an awful day, 9 times out of 10 I will have an awful day. What should you do instead? Buy yourself flowers and put them on your work desk. It worked for me!

I used to think I had a second date curse. I have been on several first dates, a few second dates, and it is very rare if I go on a third date. Like my last third date was with my last relationship. It was a serious curse. Key word "was."  If I continue to tell myself I have this curse, I most likely won't have a third date for awhile. Which, I would be totally okay with that seeing as I love being single, but hey, a third date here and there doesn't sound awful.

Another example: today at work I began prepping my blog post for the website tomorrow. It has to deal with a wine milkshake, so I suggested a team outing to in-n-out so that I could take photos of the wine milkshake with an in-n-out burger, because when I think of a milkshake, I think of in-n-out. So, guess what we're doing for lunch tomorrow? Going to in-n-out. Simply because I suggested it, and everyone loved the idea. (Plus, who would ever say no to in-n-out?!) 

What are some things life has thrown at you recently? Have you combatted them, or just let life walk over you?

P.s.: I got some new books today, and I am most excited for my adult coloring book! My dad asked if it was rated R...... No, father, it is just a very intricate and detailed coloring book. Thank.You.Very.Much.

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