Planning Is Key

Sunday, January 3, 2016

As the supposedly wise DJ Khaled says on his SnapChat, many things in life are the key to success.
Personally, I had to Google the whole DJ Khaled and key emoji thing, so we are going to stick to something I know. And I know Friends. I have always been one to plan, whether it is my week, my day, my work schedule, etc. In school, it was definitely easier to use my planner, and it was also very helpful when applying to jobs and when I worked part-time, to see when I was working weird hours, etc.
Now that I work 10 to 6 every day, I rarely use my planner. I have always decorated my planner, as motivation to use it, but recently (meaning the last like week or two) I would only write in my extracurriculars. Though this is informative, it leaves me feeling weird looking back on my week and ultimately takes away form the whole "journal" aspect of my planner, which is why I have the planner I do.
So, why are DJ Khaled and Friends in the same blog post with planners? This weekend fell short of my Sunday plans. Ironic, because Sunday is normally my planning day for the upcoming week.

My plans for Thursday through Saturday were pretty solid for the most part, but Sunday is where the problems occurred. Timing kept getting pushed back, we didn't have reservations for the museum we wanted to go to, there was miscommunications, the list just continued. So, we postponed until another weekend. This just made me realize how important planning is, and how necessary it is for that to be a key aspect on all sides, no matter how large the party.

Planning is a major key to success, and if you're gonna start at anytime, now is it. Don't wait for your plans to fall through to pick up your planner again, or be ready waiting in your car for an hour just for plans to be cancelled. Take it from my experience!
My challenge for myself this week is to bring my planner with me to work, and begin using it for both my work life and social life, so that I can visually see the balance. I am also hoping that this will get me to use my time more wisely, and be able to figure out a proper gym schedule. (Which is actually really hard when working a 10 to 6 job downtown...)

Planning can also be a very calming thing! It is for me at least.. well when I do it!
What are some of your favorite ways to keep track of plans and work?
Have a great week!

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