Sometimes Life Isn't a Perfect Scale

Monday, January 4, 2016

Life is all about balance. Finding a balance between work and social, health and wellness with your cravings for pizza, family time, friend time and you time. The struggles with finding balance is always asking when, where, and how much.

As much as I try to maintain a balanced life, things will never be perfect. Of course, everyone's life is perfectly imperfect. Each individual is perfect in their own kind of way, no matter what that may be and with whatever flaws that makes you unique.

So, let's balance out some things right now.
Want frozen yogurt? Go to the gym, work up a sweat, and go get you some fro-yo.
Want to go on a vacation? Save up, don't go shopping for a bit, and book your flight.
Cold, but don't feel like putting on socks? Throw on some Uggs.. I won't judge you.
Watching a video that scares you? Throw on some Spongebob and question why the inside of his round pineapple is square.

Starting to plan both my work and my social life in one planner is definitely the start of some balance, or at least so I think. What do I know, it's January 4, 2016 and I tweeted about starting 2015 off on the right foot this morning. You know, I'm human, I make mistakes.

Ironic how all I have been looking forward to is making this year great, and I am already back in the past year. See? Balance. Balancing reflecting on the past with planning the future, all while focusing in the present.

Then again, life could all be like riding a hover board and you think you're great until you fall forward, turn around too fast, fall backward, or your hover board bursts into flames. Who knows anymore.

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