How I Turned My Nightmare Of Working Out Into My Dream Reality

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Flashback to two years ago:

I was just about to graduate college, where I had full access to a beautiful, clean gym, walking distance from my apartment. Real world settled in: I was going through a breakup, I realized that gyms outside of college were not free, so I did the math, put two and two together, and found myself at the gym 2 to 3 times a week as a distraction method.
First things first, just to get it out there in the open, I had no idea what I was doing. I would go on the treadmill and/or elliptical and watch other people, then wait for them to leave, and do what they were doing. Is this the best way to spend your time at the gym? Probably not. Did it work for me? Hell yeah! I would do squats with dumbbells and weights, I would do lunges, bicycle crunches, you name it, I was trying it – if, of course, it was a main stream, not super difficult looking exercise. I would get adventurous sometimes, brace yourselves, and I would try things on a yoga ball. One time, I even had the courage to face the weight room. Looking back now, I have no idea why I was so terrified of the weight room, because no one is really looking at you, but there was good ol’ self-conscious me at the gym!
For the last few months of college, I kept up this routine. Then, when I was home I decided I should probably keep with this routine entering the real world, and join a gym. I tried a trial period with LA Fitness, realized it was not my cup of tea, and then found 24 Hour Fitness. I am proud to say, that I have now been a member of 24 Hour Fitness since May 2015.
My gym membership was perfect. I had two part time jobs, and I would alternate work-outs with my days off from one of the jobs, it was truly the perfect balance. And on top of that, since I was a new member, they offered me 6 personal training sessions for a super low rate! How could I say no to that?!
Then, as life often does, though, things in my work life changed, and my two part time jobs became one full time job. This meant either no gym, waking up super early to go to the gym, or night gym. I tried out all three. The only one that stuck was waking up early to go to the gym. I stuck with this for a few months. I would make a conscious effort not to beat myself up over the mornings I didn’t go to the gym, and push myself extra harder the mornings I did. I took practices and workouts from my personal trainer, and tried implementing them into my morning workouts. Did this work? Sometimes! But I also wasn’t getting anywhere near the results I was getting when I was with my personal trainer.
So, the next step in my fitness journey, was to try classes offered at my gym. This was difficult to space out with timing, and the only class that truly worked with my schedule was spin. Now, don’t get me wrong, and this goes for the entirety of this post, but some workouts just aren’t for certain people!
I am grateful to currently have the ability with a lifestyle that allows for me to afford to take these different classes - though the best part of this journey has been riding the free class wave, and signing up for great "new member!" benefits like 75% off memberships, free classes, and free gear - no kidding, I got a free sweatshirt and a $50 giftcard. 
What's your favorite way to get active? Taking any and all recommendations for more classes to try, new workouts to test out, and any other suggestions or articles anyone may have!

Until next time...

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