To Juice or Not To Juice

Monday, April 6, 2015

I survived a Pressed juice cleanse. Yes, yes if you follow me on Twitter you know I did this. Supposedly I was over obnoxious with my tweets and got subtweeted by someone saying they didn't care about my juice cleanse. I care about my juice cleanse, and that is all that matters. Right? Sure, why not.

So to keep my sanity during the day and in a means to not drift into la la land, I made an effort to write everything down during the day on different post-its. Lucky for you, almost two weeks later, I stumbled across these post-its, and am now going to relive my juice cleanse. You're welcome.

Juice #1: Greens 3
Easy to drink
140 Calories
Also had 24 oz. of water

9:00: 1 apple slice

10:30: 1 apple slice
Thoughts - "Am i hungry? Or is it the bagel that this girl in class is eating?"

Juice #2: Roots 2
I did not like this drink. In all caps on my post-it I wrote "HEAVY. HARD TO DRINK. NO."
So that answers that question
160 Calories
Some coconut water
Supposedly there was a guy in my class eating a sandwich and I hate him, sorry dude
Drank 24 oz. of water

Juice #3: Citrus 1
120 Calories
Ate 4 apple slices with peanut butter
I wrote nothing about how this tasted so lets say it was good?

3:40pm (wow I am so exact)
Juice #4: Greens 5
"I WANT PIZZA!" wow guess I was hungry at this point in the day...
200 Calories
I also ate some almonds supposedly

Juice #5: Roots 3
"THIS IS SPICY" I actually remember writing that.. because it was like liquid ginger. Ew, that sounds gross. It was actually good
200 Calories
I ate almonds and lettuce?
24 oz. of water

Juice #6: Chocolate Almond
420 Calories
3 chicken strips
(No picture apparently.. I think I was delusional at this point)

If you made it to the end of this post, you will see that SURPRISE I didn't really make it. I ate the chicken strips at like 9pm... I was hungry, I had a headache, stop judging me.


  1. I loved reading about your thoughts and experience. I don't think I could survive a juice cleanse... I would probably cave on day two.


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