April Showers

Thursday, April 2, 2015

An ex-blogger, an ex-girlfriend, and I walk into a room...
I promise you, that joke was going somewhere, but where? I couldn't tell you now. It's this new Starbucks drink I order, it has me bouncing off walls, or in this case all over the keyboard.

Surprise!!! I'm back!
I forgot why I abandoned this great little thing I had going and I remembered that my outlet changed. I went from writing my feelings and my moods and honestly whatever had popped into my mind, and went to sharing those all with another person, rather than just getting it out there and posting it onto the interwebs. Granted, both are great. Human to human interaction is awesome, unless its Netflix night, then no other people are allowed, and there is just something so calming about sitting down in front of a computer and writing whatever you are feeling in that very moment.

So, back to the "joke"... those three people are me. Supposedly I thought it was funny, but I mean if you can't look back on your past year and at least smile, then you're doing something wrong. So here's your catch-up. I started a blog, I started dating a boy, stopped blogging, dated said boy for a little over a year, cut my hair, things happened, people move, I'm getting ready to graduate, things ended mutually, and now I am sitting back at a computer, telling you, whoever "you" may be, how I feel. Breakups change people, people change people, coffee changes people, and at this point in my life, change only happens so that

I have no idea what this blog will turn into, and I also don't want to limit myself to a specific genre. If I feel like posting about what I do at the gym, I might do that, or maybe I will go on a rant about how the girl at Starbucks was wearing cowboy boots, or I might even word vomit about all my feelings about the fact that I am graduating in two months (I would count on that one...)

So here I am, trying out this whole blogging thing again. They say April showers bring May flowers, but I'm going to say April showers bring new beginnings, in whatever outlets that may be.
Wish me luck, grab a cup of coffee or maybe a margarita (I approve of both) and join me on this journey of a little thing I like to call life.

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  1. I'll be here reading with a coffee or marg, depending on the time of day that I sit down to catch up on posts. I'm graduating in May, so I understand those feelings. All. The. Feels. Anyways, just thought I would say hi and let you know I'm reading! Looking forward to your posts.


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